AT&T offering unlimited calling to mobile phones on other networks

As if we needed more reasons for people to talk on their mobile phones all the time, AT&T is pushing out unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling regardless of network. So talking to your friends who use Verizon Wireless won’t use up your minutes. Best part is folks who already have unlimited calls have an opportunity to save some money.

The big catch with this offer is that it requires an unlimited messaging plan, which tacks on $20 to your monthly bill. If you already do that, then you can sign up for a automatic bonus of Mobile to Any Mobile. However, if you’re on an unlimited calling plan, you might want to think about moving to a cheaper plan.

AT&T’s individual unlimited minutes calling plan costs $70 a month. Their 450 minute plan costs $40. If you talk for fewer than 450 minutes a month to people on landlines, then you can shave up to $30 off your monthly bill by dropping from unlimited minutes to 450 minutes. Even if you did not already have unlimited messaging, adding it only costs $20, which is less than the $30 savings of reducing your voice plan.

Granted, unless you talk and/or text a lot, there’s no big bargain here for you (or me). In fact, I’m sure AT&T is counting on people spending more money by adding or increasing to unlimited messaging. But their heaviest users have a chance to save money on this, so have it Chatty Cathys.