AT&T Soon to Only Offer Unlimited or Pay Per Use SMS, MMS Messaging Plans

While AT&T currently offers pay per use, a $10 plan for 1,000 messages per month, and an unlimited plan for picture and text messaging, the carrier will soon cut out the middle option, forcing new subscribers who want text messaging into the unlimited plan or opt to pay per message sent or receive at $0.20 each. Beginning on August 21st, the $10 plan for 1,000 messages each month will no longer be offered, though current customers already on the plan will be grandfathered in. The carrier will give customers who want to add a messaging plan to either add the $20 per month unlimited messaging package for a single line or $30, which will cover unlimited messaging for all lines in a family plan.

The move will simplify the carrier’s plans, but at an additional $20 per month, on top of $25 per month for 2 GB of data on a smartphone, the monthly cost for messaging and web may be more expensive than what most people are willing to pay.

Via: Engadget