AT&T to Offer Subsidized Netbooks Nationwide

cing_logoAT&T announced today that it would sell subsidized Acer, Dell and Lenovo netbooks nationwide after successful tests in Atlanta and Philadelphia. As Rob Bushway’s pointed out, Verizon is already selling a variant of the HP Mini 1000 at its stores.
Pricing details haven’t been released yet, but I highly recommend opting for a USB 3G modem or MiFi router. These options ensure you’ll get more out of your 3G subscription since you can use them with multiple devices. Netbooks are evolving quickly and you don’t want to lock an expensive 3G subscription into a netbook that you may no longer use in two years.
Last month, AT&T announced it was offering a subsidy on the ThinkPad X200, but it appears it didn’t make the nationwide cut. If you are going to opt for an integrated modem, a business-grade notebook like those offered by Dell, HP, Lenovo and others are the way to go.