AT&T Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Begins to Roll Out

It appears that AT&T has begun to roll out the highly anticipated NoDo update to Windows Phone 7 owners as a couple of owners on XDA-Dev forums have confirmed that their Samsung Focus has received the official update.

Samsung Focus

There had been some speculation that the update might not arrive until the end of April after Microsoft confirmed last week that it was still testing the updates but it looks like Redmond and AT&T were able to get it out ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, it might only be rolling out to Samsung Focus and LG Quantum owners for the time being. Those with the HTC Surround will apparently have to wait until the middle of May before NoDo arrives.

One look at Microsoft’s ‘Where’s My Update?’ page reveals that the update is still in ‘Scheduling’ for the Focus and Quantum while the HTC Surround still remains in testing.

Anyone out there with a Focus or Quantum seeing NoDo?

(Via WMPowerUser)