Apple to Launch $800 Notebook?

*+-Given all the depressing and uncertain financial news the world over these days, something tells me price points are going to be one of the first things that both consumers and manufacturers look at when it comes to mobile computers. Face, it, we all look at price anyway and the rise of the Netbook certainly […]

Asus To Offer Eee with Touch and Dual-Core Atom

*+-Asus just keeps on working to add to what it offers in the Eee line. According to Digitimes, Asus will be offering versions of the Eee Netbook with touch screens in the first quarter of 2009. Asus isn’t saying yet which of the many Eee’s will be offered with touch screens but plans on showing […]

Fujitsu ST6010 Tablet PC Makes an Appearance at the FCC

*+-A couple of weeks ago, we brought you news of Fujitsu’s newest tablet pc, the ST6010 / ST6012. Well, things appear to be getting much closer to official now that it has made an appearance at the FCC, complete with pictures, owners manual, and all. Advertisement   Thanks for the link, JKKMobile

Lenovo Introduces WiMAX Connectivity for Some Laptops

*+-Sprint officially rolled out its XOHM WiMAX service in Baltimore, MD today and Lenovo has jumped in what I’m sure will be a race to offer WiMAX connectivity by announcing that several of its models will now have WiMAX as an option. They include the SL300, SL500, X301, and T400 at present and look for […]

Intel Buys Domain Name

*+-File this one under the category of ““wish I’d a thought of that." Intel purchased the domain, last week. Wonder how long it had been available or if they bought it off of someone? That doesn’t matter now, as Intel owns it and at the moment it is pointing to a page about the […]

Tablet PC Community Folks Making Their Mark In the iPhone Space

*+-We like to toot the horns of folks in our community, and Michael Venini definitely deserves a shout-out. Michael has just released a new game for the iPhone / iPod Touch called Under Pressure Football. It incorporates football and math and takes you through an entire season, including the playoffs.   The game is perfect for […]

Microsoft Releases Open Source SDK for Multi-Touch: Touchless

*+-Touchless is multi-touch software that uses webcams and everyday objects for multi-touch input developed by Microsoft Office Labs.  It is similar to Microsoft’s Touchwall technology. Microsoft is releasing an open-source SDK for Touchless that makes it possible for developers to create software that can turn hand gestures or objects  into an input device similar to […]

Touch Screen Mac OS X on a GigaByte M912

*+-We’re seeing more and more mods of Netbooks using Mac OS X, but this is the first one I’ve seen that works with a touch screen. The Gigabyte M912 does come with a touch screen (see this Laptop Mag review) and it looks like it is working just fine with the hack. Thanks to jkkmobile […]

A Losing Battle: Schools Resist Mobile Technology

*+-Public schools across America are fighting a battle they can’t win; schools are taking aggressive approaches and adopting strict discipline policies regarding the student use of mobile technology.  Walk through any study hall in an American public school and you will find students texting in their pockets and listening to iPods through their sleeves.  Although […]

MSI Wind 9-Cell Battery Available from Lion Battery

*+-Now that the MSI Wind is going to be available at Best Buy, but at the moment with only a 3-Cell option, you might be looking for some extra juice. It turns out that Lion Battery has a Mugen 9-Cell option for sale if you are willing to go the third-party route. It will set […]

Tell Motion Computing Your Story and You Could Win an iPod Touch

*+-Motion Computing wants to hear your story. We all know Tablet PCs can change the way you work and we all know our own stories and those of others. If you’ve used a Motion Tablet PC to change the way you work, or you’re a reseller who has helped those you serve change the way […]

Asus S101 Getting Ready for Release

*+-We brought you news about the Asus S101 Eee last week, which is Asus’ shot across the bow of the thin portable makers. Apparently if you’re if you’re in the parts of Asia bordering the Pacific you could see this released tomorrow. Those in Europe will see it in a couple of weeks and it […]

Will Your Next WiFi Hotspot be a Light Bulb?

*+-This is intriguing research. Boston U’s College of Engineering is launching a study to use visible light instead of radio waves to transmit data. The idea is to use LEDs to create ““Smart Lighting” that is supposed to be faster and more secure than current network technology. "Imagine if your computer, iPhone, TV, radio and […]

Paper and Pen Better for your Brain Than Software?

*+-BoingBoing links to an interesting study by Dutch psychologist Christof Van Nimwegen that posits that pen and paper will better boost your creative problem solving than using a computer. His PhD dissertation, The paradox of the assisted user: guidance can be counterproductive (update: the link is fixed and see a correction below)got some attention from […]

Intel Mods Asus Eee to Boot in 5 Seconds

*+-So many want to see Instant On systems, and it certainly makes sense to see that on Netbooks. A couple of Intel Engineers at a recent Linux conference did some hacking and were showing of a Asus Eee PC that cold boots into a Fedora desktop in five seconds. Turns out they knocked out a […]

AT&T Using Tablet PCs in Retail Stores

*+-It looks like AT&T is using Fujitsu Tablet PCs in in some of its retail outlets. Looks like the P1620 to me. Via UMPC Tips   Technorati Tags: Tablet PC,Fujitsu P1620,AT&T >

Are You Buying a Netbook This Year?

*+-jkOnTheRun links to a report from DigiTimes that says Asus shipped 700,000 Eee PCs in September and looks to have similar numbers heading into the Holiday season. It is no secret that Netbooks are all the rage, and we’re even beginning to see them on Big Box store shelves. New reports of the Sylvania Netbook […]

Are We About To See The BenQ MID Released Worldwide?

*+-All signs look to be pointing to a major release of The BenQ MID beyond Italy, which will be a big step up for that platform, given that we haven’t seen much beyond the Aigo in that platform. Pocketables has pictures and specs and also includes this promotional video, which certainly makes it look like […]

Tablet PC 101: The Convertible Tablet PC

*+-So you’ve been reading about Tablet PCs, but you’re not quite sure how they work or the major benefits.  A convertible tablet unites the power of a traditional laptop computer design with the benefits of a slate tablet.  The base of a convertible Tablet PC has a full keyboard, while the top of the unit […]