First Foray Into Speech Recognition Software

I’ve been using the Motion Computing F5 Tablet PC in conjunction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software over the last few days as the novice-beginner user in John Gannon’s Speech Series. The training program was very easy and allowed me to get used to the program as well as train myself in how to speak to a […]

GBM Shortcut: The Lenovo/HP Tablet PC Shootout-Audio Output

The Lenovo/HP Tablet PC Shootout continues. As I mentioned in the full review of the HP 2730p Tablet PC I’m not too fond of the output of the single mono speaker. The Lenovo ThinkPad x200 Tablet PC is another story. Lenovo beefed up the multi-media capabilities of the X200 due to customer demand. And the […]

Dragon Medical 10 – Week 1 Summary

I have just completed my first total week of using Dragon Medical 10 along with my electronic medical record program TexTalk. I must admit in the beginning of the week I had some concerns about how well this program was going to work on my Motion 1600 tablet computer. For those of you who read […]

Windows XP Gets Another Reprieve?

It looks like Microsoft might be giving Windows XP yet another reprieve, this time until July 31, 2009. The life of XP has been extended at least twice before, and for the Netbook and Nettop devices. According to a leaked email (no official word from Redmond yet) the new lease on life for Windows XP […]

Amazon Kindle 2?

The Boy Genius Report is showing off pictures of what BGR is saying is the Amazon Kindle 2 e-Book Reader, as well as a report from a source who has supposedly gone hands on with the new design. I have to say, I’m not impressed, but then the original form factor didn’t excite me either. […]

Asus Now Has Fashion Friendly Eee PCs

Just when you thought Asus had come up with enough new options for the Eee PC line out pops a fashion friendly line of Eee’s. the Eee S101 supposedly has a sleek new exterior complete with your choice of colors: Brown, Champagne, or Graphite. Oh, and it also has crystal-adorned hinges. Of course the guts […]

Celio REDFLY on Sale for $199

I reviewed the REDFLY from Celio Corporation a few months ago, and while I really like the device, the price was a bit high for most folks. Apparently they heard the call for lower prices. Until Oct 31, you can get a REDFLY for only $199.  That’s a great deal for this device. They’ve been […]

Netbookers Driving Me Crazy with OSX

I’ve pretty much decided that I’m not going down the Netbook route. I just don’t think I’m the market they are after. That said, I’ve been following Kevin Tofel, Dan at Uneasy Silence, and a few others who have successfully installed Apple’s OSX on the MSI Wind, the Eee PC, and now the Dell Mini-9, […]

Want a UMPC? Hire This Guy

Like it or not, Netbooks have moved along the inevitable demise of the UMPC and we hardly hear any news about Ultra-Mobile PCs anymore. But I guess some folks can’t quench their desire for a UMPC. Over on TodoUMPC, one of their forum members took matters into his own hands. He’s ripped apart an Acer […]

Steve Ballmer Is In Hint Mode: Zune Coming to Windows Mobile

Steve Ballmer is tossing hints around on all sorts of things these days. He recently told us there would be a new cloud version of Windows, and now he’s broadcasting that the Zune software will be coming to Windows Mobile. No time frame on that, but it sure seems like Steve wants to let a […]

Sony Updates e-Book Reader

Sony is rolling out an update to its digital e-Book Reader with the PRS-700. From what I’m reading it looks like the updates include an LED for night time reading, (although not a backlight, it comes from the side), a six inch touch screen, and more memory on board. David Carnoy at Crave says it […]

Site Back Up

My apologies for the downtime today. We’ve been fighting some performance issues with our news blogging engine the past two weeks, and the bottom dropped out today. I am actively working on moving to WordPress as soon as possible, and will be hiring someone to help me convert the site over. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching […]

Things Changing at Fujitsu?

This post is not meant in any way to be alarmist, but merely to pass on information we are seeing about one of the key Tablet PC and UMPC manufacturers we follow. It looks like there are some interesting things going on at Fujitsu on the business unit level at Fujitsu. Fujitsu looks to be […]

Laptop Makers and Touch: Who Wants to Go First?

Wired has an article today saying that laptop makers are shying away from Multi-touch technology. On the surface (pun?) that is a correct analysis in my view. There’s lots of talk about multi-touch on trackpads, and yes, there’s talk about what Windows 7 will (or will not) bring to the multi-touch table. But, in my […] Back On Line Soon

Just got a note from Linda Epstein of The company that hosts has experienced a hard drive failure, but they expect to be online again within the next day or so. Keep checking back, and before you know it, life in Tablet PC land will be back to normal.

GETAC G840XT- Out In The Field With The GPS

As I continue my review of the GETAC/TabletKiosk G840XT, this post is going to focus on the integrated GPS reciever that is built into the unit.  Though we had some initial doubts, the GPS proved to be a solid performer for data collection while being tested out in the field. Some background: Normally when out […]

Ballmer: Windows Cloud OS To Be Unveiled In A Month

This could be a game changer for Microsoft — a new OS code-named Windows Cloud that is aimed at developers writing cloud apps. Look for an official announcement in about a month: From Infoworld: Within a month, Microsoft will unveil what Ballmer called "Windows Cloud." The OS, which will likely have a different name, is […]

Congratulations to Warner Crocker

Big kudos to my main man Warner Crocker on being re-awarded Microsoft’s MVP for Tablet PC for the 4th straight year. Warner, you give so much to the mobile pc community and this site wouldn’t be what it is without you. Congratulations!   Technorati Tags: Warner Crocker,Tablet PC,MVP,Microsoft

Evernote Rolls Out an API

it is no secret that I’m a big fan of Evernote. I think and hope this presages even more good things to come from the creators of Evernote. They’ve just announced that they will make an API available and I hope that this means developers will take them up on it and extend its already […]