Skype 3G calls now free through 2011

skype 2

For everyone using the Skype 2.0 application on their iPhone, there was a worry for users. Originally, Skype was going to start charging for Skype-to-Skype 3G calls in August, instead of keeping them free. However, Skype has decided to change that.  They have announced that they are going to extend the free calling until January […]

Rent an iPad on your next flight to Australia


We all know how long and dreary an airline flight can be.  There always seems to be at least one screaming kid, several people talking to loud, someone snoring, and many other types of distractions.  This is the reason many people travel with iPods, laptops, game systems, and e-readers.  Well, how about an airline that […]

HP Data Vault Contest starts today


Remember back in April when I mentioned a little contest we were going to hold giving away a new HP Data Vault x510?  Well, our time has come!  You all had your chance with these other participating sites, but they left the best for last: Neowin -April 11- 18 Jake’s MediaBlab -Apr 18-25 Hardwaresphere -Apr 25- May […]

Google asked to fight against Android porn


If you remember what Steve Jobs said about Android, ” Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.”  Well, this has sparked some scrutiny by the Parents Television Council.  The council is behind the push to make Apple’s App Store more family-friendly.  They are using what Steve Jobs said as a launching platform to go […]

HTC Incredible review round up available

HTC Incredible

The new HTC Incredible is available today from Verizon Wireless.   This looks like it will be the next “IT” phone, right behind the Google Nexus One and the iPhone. What makes the Incredible so incredible? Lets look at some specs: 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor Android 2.1 operating system HTC Sense UI (updated) 8 MP […]

Possible Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 announcement May 20th?


The Google I/O conference is coming up in May, and there is a chance of a big announcement, a la Steve Jobs style. What is the buzz about?  The new version of Android, 2.2 and the new version of Adobe Flash 10.1, both to be announced on May 20th. Why the 20th? Well, on the […]

T-Mobile changing their way to handle data overages


For any of you T-Mobile webConnect users who went over your 5GB monthly allocation (for those on the 5GB monthly plan), you are in luck. T-Mobile is changing how you will be charged for those overages.   Until recently, T-Mobile webConnect users paid a per/megabyte fee for going over that  5GB cap. This can cause some […]

RIM gives us a look at Blackberry 6.0


Rejoice all Blackberry users!  Your time is at hand.  It looks like RIM has taken off the veil of secrecy about the new version of the Blackberry operating system, Blackberry 6. The new version was announced at WES 2010 keynote this week, along with other news such as the release of two new Blackberries, the […]

Android Market at 50K this week and rising


Our hats off and hardy congrats to Android!  It looks like as of this week, the Android Market will hit 50,000 applications available for download.  This is only after a few months back of being at 20,000.  Not too shabby for only a few months work. The Android Market is constantly adding new applications, slowly […]

HTC isnt buying Palm


Well, it looks like Palm is going to have to find a way to get out of their current financial predicament on their own.  According to an article over at Tech Crunch, it looks like HTC is not coming to save Palm’s day. According to a report based on a source from an Asia-based Reuters correspondent, […]

Finding your lost Android phone with iTag

iTag logo

With all the news of lost or stolen smartphones (yes I am looking at you Mr. Powell), the idea of having a piece of software loaded on them that could help locate the missing phone is a good idea.  And, what if it also was able to remotely delete all the data on the phone […]

Amazon Kindle comes to Target

Amazon Kindle

It looks like Amazon is hoping on the same bandwagon as the Sony e-readers and the Barnes and Noble nook.  They are looking to bring their e-reader, the Amazon Kindle, to a brick and mortar retailer.  And who did they choose?  Target! Target has announced that it will begin to carry the Amazon Kindle this […]

Ford SYNC now controls your DROID and Blackberry


Ford SYNC has been slowing coming into its own for a while.  For those not familiar with this technology, Ford SYNC allows for drivers to “talk” to their cars to get things done, like hands-free calling, turn-by-turn navigation, 911 assist, and getting the news of the day.   So far, so cool, right? Well now Ford […]

Adobe Flash and AIR for Android in beta


The biggest complaint with Apple devices is the lack of support for Adoble Flash.  This has started a whole war between the two companies.  Well, the next round is going to Adobe because they decided to change horses a little and strike out into Android territory. According to an article over at, Adobe is […]

April 30 = iPad+WiFi+3G


Ok, for everyone who was waiting until the iPad got 3G service, an official date has been set.  According to an article over at Boy Genius Report, anyone who has pre-ordered the iPad 3G will get their new device on Friday, April 30.  On that same day, the iPad 3G will be made available in […]

Updates and new products from B&N and the nook


It looks things over at Barnes & Noble are picking up.  First, there was the announcement about the nook being carried at Best Buy.  Now, it looks like there is going to be some new nooks on the block.  According to an article over at Gizmodo, the nook 2 and a Wi-Fi only nook are […]

New HTC Incredible goes on pre-order Monday


The hype is over and a new DROID phone from Verizon, Motorola and Google is upon us.  The HTC Incredible is due for release on April 29th, but the news is better.  If you want to pre-order this new phone, customers will be able to starting Monday, April 19th. So, what is the big deal […]

Printing with an iPad


What?  Printing using an iPad you say!  It can’t be done.  We know it cant be done.  We wish it could be done.  Maybe when the iPads update to iPhone OS 4.0, we may get some form of printing capability via Bluetooth or WiFi or something. Well, the folks over at have a post […]

Tweets to be archived by Library of Congress


In the “Now I have seen everything” department, the US Library of Congress announced a deal with Twitter to archive all public tweets, dating back to Twitter’s inception in March 2006. From the Library of Congress’s blog: Every public tweet, ever, since Twitter’s inception in March 2006, will be archived digitally at the Library of Congress. […]