The Android OS breakdown


Android has been steady gaining ground and the new smartphone operating system of choice. But, with so many versions out there, is Android splintering or is this just temporary until the manufacturers issue updates? According to this chart from Android and Me, its all about Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.1. Android 1.5 still has life […]

The B&N nook comes to Best Buy


Up until this week, anyone interested in buying the Barnes and Nobel e-reader, the nook, had either had to go to a Barnes and Noble store, or go online to their web site.  Well, it looks like B&N is going to change their marketing strategy with allowing nooks to be sold at Best Buy.  This […]

GBM’s Ring Central Ultimate Small Business Start Up Giveway starts today!


The Ring Central Ring Ultimate Small Business Start Up Giveway has already started on other tech sites, and now its our turn to add to the contest frenzy. If you are interesting in winning a complete small business set up package, including things like voice service, business cards, logo creation, web hosting, etc, today is […]

AT&T is changing its image


It looks like AT&T is rebranding itself again .  Remember when we went from the AT&T lettering to the globe plus lettering?  AT&T wants to make itself a “consumer and lifestyle” company instead of a telecomm/wireless carrier company. According to an article over at The initiative is being described with the “Rethink Possible” slogan, […]

Vonage goes Android


Looks like Vonage, the popular VOIP service has finally gone Android with its Vonage World Mobile offering. Vonage has been available for some time for iPhone/iPod Touch and Blackberry, but it took a while for it to come to Android. The service, Vonage World Mobile, provides the ability to make unlimited international calls for $24.95 […]

Announcing the HP Data Vault giveaway


We are a society of multimedia consumers.  We store thousands of pictures, videos, documents, games, etc on our computers hard drives, on USB drives, on portable drives and now in cloud storage solutions.  We consume multimedia like its our favorite candy.  And with consumption comes storage.  We never seem to have enough for all of […]

SanDisk going Microsoft “Pink”


Today is the day we find out from Microsoft what all the hubub is about relating to the Microsoft Pink phones.  What will a Pink phone be like?  What about its counterpart the Turtle phone? Will it be more Zune than phone?  Will it actually be pink? Well, SanDisk, the memory manufacturer, let the press […]

Twitter gets official iPhone App/Blackberry


Twitter finally has its own iPhone application.  How?  Well, they went out and bought Tweetie.  Tweetie is a $2.99 iPhone app, which in a few weeks will be rebranded as the official free Twitter client for the iPhone. The developer who created Tweetie, Loren Brichter, will join the Twitter team to create an iPad version […]

Apple rejecting “Pad” apps


Ok, here we go again. Once again, Apple is in full rejection mode over at the iPad App Store. They are rejecting any application with the work “Pad” in the title. This is similar to what they did with apps with “iPod” in the title. Over at, they have a screenshot from a developer […]

Twitter getting an overhaul?


It seems everyone users Twitter. Its a religion.  Between Twitter and Facebook, you can hear about every nuance of a person’s life.  Its scary sometimes.  However, Twitter is also a useful way to communicate with friends and get the word about about new business opportunities. Its a good service for both personal and professional reasons. […]

New Eee Keyboard video shows what it can do


The folks over at ASUS have been teasing us for some time about their new Eee Keyboard.  The idea behind this device is that it will be a self contained computer (with netbook-like technical specifications) that is a keyboard. The Eee Keyboard connects to a TV or monitor over a wireless HDMI connection, connecting like […]

According to Boingo Wireless- iPad is #2 WiFi Device


Boingo Wireless is a great service providing wi-fi access to thousands of hotspots and airports around the country.  It just works.  I have used it many times when I travel and have been thankful I coughed up the extra few dollars.  People connect their laptops, netbooks, iPods and iPhones using Boingo every day. Well, according […]

Keyboards going the way of the dodo?


Anyone who has used a computer has used a keyboard.  Before that, it was a typewriter.  We as a society are all familiar with keyboards.  We type on them everyday.  Its the input device of choice, combined with a mouse, to enter data into our computer and make our day productive.  Well, this is us […]

Adobe Ideas- another way to “ink” on an iPad

Picture 1

You would think that since Apple has pretty much shunned Adobe when it comes to Adobe Flash and other Adobe application, Adobe wouldnt even care about applications on the iPad.  Wrong!  Adobe has come out with a new application for the iPad called Adobe Ideas. What is Adobe Ideas? Adobe Ideas is ” your digital […]

Gmail for mobile adds Buzz


For all you Gmail for mobile users who have also hopped on the Google Buzz train, here is some good news. According to this post on the Official Google Mobile Blog: With the latest iteration of Gmail for mobile, we’ve worked to integrate buzz with your mobile inbox. Now, you’ll see buzz in your inbox […]

ASUS Eee PC T101MT on sale in US


The wait is over in the US on ASUS’s tablet PC, the Eee PC T101MT.  If you cast your eyes in the direction of  Amazon, 10.1-inch multitouch convertible netbook is available for purchase for the low price of $499.  What does $499 get you? The netbook includes a Intel Atom N450 processor, 1GB of RAM, and […]

RingCentral Ultimate Small Business Start Up Package Giveway is starting!


In today’s economy, more and more people are shunning the traditional “go out and get a job at a company” approach for starting up their own businesses. According to a study put together by the Small Business Administration: About one half of the private-sector is employed by small businesses and the other half by large […]

iPod/iPhone users rejoice- Netflix app coming for you too


One of the most talked about iPad apps has been the Netflix app. Who wouldn’t like being able to stream their Netflix Instant Queue to an iPad?  I enjoy it for my Mac and my Roku box, so why not an iPad? Well, what about the iPhone and iPod Touch folks?  Can they share in […]

CTIA – we didnt forget you


I owe an apology to CTIA Wireless, one of the largest cellular/wireless conventions around.  It happened a week or so ago.  And well, we here at GBM were so busy with other coverage (iPad among other things, *grumble*), that we kind of forgot to post what announcements came out of the convention. There was some […]

Using Gmail on the iPad


Google wasnt about ready to be left out of the onslaught of iPad news.  They wanted to let all the iPad users know that they are putting in their two cents worth to this new product with some changes to Gmail specifically geared toward the iPad. From the Official Gmail Blog: When the iPhone and […]