iPad Tip of the Day: Syncing multiple calendars

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The iPad is here to stay and with that a whole slew of reviews, articles, and first impressions are going up all over the web.  Well, for those who have one of these new devices, a quick tip to make your usage a whole lot easier. A lot of people, me included, have multiple calendars […]

Rivals to the iPad?

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All hail the iPad.  It has arrived and conquered!  I read somewhere something like 300,000 of these were sold this weekend.  Wowsers!  If that estimate is even close, Apple is going to have a VERY good year.  I can’t wait to see what will be out by Christmas.  I even got to play with one […]

Heads up, Apple iBooks app is live!


Well, just in time for tomorrow, the Apple iBook app is live and available for the Apple App Store. Between iBooks, Kindle, B&N Ereader, Stanza, Ereader, and the other ebook apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it looks like the Apple iPad will have plenty of e-book readers happy to have ALL of […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions- an E-reader for meIhaveask


I have been racking my brain over the idea of buying an e-reader for myself.  I am going overseas for 2 1/2 weeks via cruise ship and I dont relish the idea of bring books in my suitcase.  My suitcase may be on wheels, but its still heavy– and when you add books…Oy.  It also […]

Verizon Droid now runs Android 2.1


Yes, the moment Verizon Droid users have been waiting for has arrived, the update to Android version 2.1 is now available. What is in this new update?  Per a post over at JKontheRun: Enhancements: Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the browser, Gallery, and Google Maps. New Weather and News application plus widget. − The […]

HP Slate with Adobe Flash and AIR


In news that has NOTHING to do with the iPad, the folks over at Netbooknews have a new video up about the HP Slate. We have already posted information about the HP Slate, but here is a great video showing off more of its capabilities.  The big news, it runs Adobe Flash and AIR, something […]

Something I didnt think of about the iPad


Ok, we are all iPad crazy.  The first reviews are out.  The media is in a frenzy. Apple fanboys are frothing at the mouth.  Tech pundits are waiting to get snarky about them.  Consumers will be waiting in line for them. A lot has been said about their usage.  Its going to be the ultimate […]

How AT&T is helping Apple with the iPhone

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Everyone loves the iPhone.  It is the “Jesus” phone.  To quote my goddaughter, “its the coolest phone ever!”  What everyone doesnt like about the iPhone is AT&T.  There have been more complains, articles, rants, etc about the AT&T wireless network and how the iPhone “saturates” the network.  Its that saturation that causes all the call […]

New iTunes update to go with new iPad


With four days until the new “gadget day that will live in infamy”, aka “iPad Day”, Apple is doing its last minute updates and fixes to its operating system as well as other products to make using an iPad the best experience ever. The latest in the updates is a new version of iTunes, version […]

Add a little extra to your iPad with Boingo WiFi


Its T- a few days to the official release of the iPad.  Time to make sure you have everything you need to make your iPad worth your while.  Case- check. Keyboard dock- on order. Camera add on- on order with extra SD card. WiFi access through one of the largest WiFi providers– not yet. Boingo, […]

SanDisk goes BIG with 32GB SD card for smartphones


As we become more and more a nation of smartphone users, we have to ask ourselves the eternal question, is 16GB of space enough on our SD cards?  Cell phone manufacturers keep making new smartphones with larger internal drive capacity to try and keep up with our insatiable thirst for data (photos, PIM data, music, […]

Verizon goes “cha-ching” with new mobile payment service


We here in the US are WAAY behind the curve when it comes to things we can do with a cell phone.  Yes, with the invention of the iPhone and Android phones, we can do more with all of the applications developers make available to us.  This is all well and good, but what about […]

Smartphones at a Glance


Smartphones are every increasing in numbers day by day.  How many people even use “normal” cell phones anymore?  More than likely they have one because they can’t decide between an iPhone or an Android phone..or maybe a Blackberry…or maybe its because they can’t afford the data plan..yet. Smartphones are here to stay.  To show what […]

Android Market hits 30,000 apps


Android smartphones are becoming more and more prevalent as the new “IT” device for consumers.  These days, you see either a Blackberry, an iPhone, or an Android phone.  It is picking up momentum every day. While the devices are going quick, so is development in the Android Market.  From a post over at Tech Crunch: […]

Corning goes Gorilla on LG X300


While at CES 2010, a few of us were looking for something “out of the ordinary”, something that was tech related, but not necessarily a new gadget.  We wanted something that was a good idea, but not overly recognized by the gadget loving public.  We found it in the form of Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Corning […]

Finally, the Spring Design Alex is en-route!


After all the delays that the Spring Design Alex e-reader has gone through, its finally time to pre-order! To recap, the Spring Design Alex e-reader was a favorite at CES 2010.  Its a dual screen e-reader running on Android.  One screen is color and is used for the menu and controls.  The other screen is […]

All that glitters…is a $20K iPad


When I saw this post over at The Register this morning, I couldn’t help but laugh, then sigh and shrug my shoulders: If you’re an Apple fanboi with $19,999 burning a hole in your pocket, why not spend it onThe World’s First Diamond iPad? Doing so would greatly please John Mervis, Digital Strategist for Mervis Diamond […]

T-Mobile is ready with HSPA+ 3G network- Go Speed Go!


T-Mobile is not usually the carrier one talks about when it comes to updating their networks.  T-Mobile was one of the last to upgrade to 3G from their EDGE service.  Well, it was better late than never. As a loyal T-Mobile customer (I have been with them since they were Voicestream over 8+ years ago), […]

A few more notes on the iPad- battery and accessories

apple ipad

Ok, so the iPad sold 120,000 in its first day…but now the momentum is starting to slow down.  This sounds about right for a new Apple product.  Its a feast, then famine, then feast once its released. Speaking of the iPad release, there are two pieces of information any new iPad users should know about. […]