Gazelle: Samsung, Android Users Leaving in Droves for iPhone 5S, 5C


Remember when Samsung smugly proclaimed “The next big thing is already here” while consumers waited for the iPhone 5 last year? Apple wasn’t beyond a bit of cattiness in its own rollout of the iPhone 5S and 5C, firing back, “It’s not just what’s next. But what should be next.” And so, here is truly what’s next, […]

How One Wireless Warrior Makes Phone Calls Without Paying a Carrier


For the record, Pablo Defendini called in for this interview from the West Coast, and chatted with GottaBeMobile for half an hour from his 917 phone number. That might not sound like such earth-shattering stuff, until you look at how much — make that how little — he’s spent on phone service over the second […]

iFixit: iPhone 5S, 5C might last two years before battery quits


As the head honcho of iFixit, Kyle Wiens loves liberating mobile users from the shackles that bind them, showing everyone how to repair and rehab their high-tech gadgets. By the end of this week he expects to have a full report on the new iPhone 5C and 5S, and while he doesn’t rule out some […]

Putting the iPhone 5S on hold: Why I’m Happy With My 4S


Let’s get this straight: I’m about as loyal an Apple acolyte as you’ll find. The first computer I ever worked on as a kid was an Apple IIC, and as of this writing, I own a MacBook Pro, an iMac, a retina display iPad, an iPod, an iPod shuffle, and an iPhone 4S. But for […]

Talk Isn’t Cheap: The Cost to Buy All Apple’s New iPhone Goodies


With Tuesday’s unveiling of the iPhone 5C, 5S, and a passel of other new goodies, Apple did more than lob a “gotta have it” hot potato into the laps of consumers. No doubt Apple completists (including this writer, who owns an iPhone, MacBook Pro, iMac and iPad Retina) now have a quandary on their hands: […]

How to Escape Voicemail Hell? We Ask the Human Behind


Like a 21st Century Riddle of the Sphinx, cracking the code to superior customer service — especially on the phone — proves nearly impossible. Finding flesh-and-blood helpers? How about an evil matrix of voicemail prompts instead? Yet a hearty band of digital rebels (okay, four full-time employees) now posts all the ways you can dodge […]