Pandora Founder Talks iTunes Radio, Beats and Future


Apple made waves at last year’s Worldwide Developer Conference when they announced iTunes Radio as part of iOS 7. This year, the company acquired music streaming service and headphone manufacturer Beats Audio. It’s likely that they’ll integrate that technology into their current products, including iTunes Radio. In the Internet radio business, Pandora is the largest […]

BringGo App Review: Cheap Navigation for Chevy Vehicles

BrinGo App Review

Infotainment systems are becoming more and more intelligent as customers demand more connectivity. Earlier this year both Apple and Google announced that they’d be bringing smartphone integration solutions to new vehicles. Chevrolet already has a solution already on the market with their MyLink system. Called BringGo, the app lets people who do not have navigation […]

Why You Shouldn’t Skimp On Your Car Stereo

MotorReview_2014 Jeep Patriot Latitude-0029_HERO

Jeep touts the Patriot with most of the options stripped out as the least expensive sport utility vehicle (SUV) on sale in the United States. Jeep recently sent us over one to review, and even though we liked the vehicle, we have some advice for people on why certain upgrades are worth paying for. Dealerships […]

3 Impressive Technologies in the 2014 Toyota Corolla

corolla hero

Toyota’s Corolla is a small, inexpensive vehicle that is safe to drive. It also gets great fuel economy. Other vehicles in this class, including the Ford Focus, are more expensive for the same features. That makes the Corolla great value for the money. There are some technology features in the latest Corolla that we liked […]

Apple CarPlay’s Major New Update Has One Big Problem For Normal Users


Most people probably do not think technology when they think the Geneva Motor Show, but at this year’s show, Apple pulled the wraps off its rebranded iOS in the Car. Called CarPlay, owners of supporting vehicles can connect their iPhone 5, 5s, or 5c to the infotainment system in the vehicle via Lightning cable and […]

7 Exciting Car Tech Announcements From CES 2014


The 2014 International CES is well underway, and we are on the floor providing wall-to-wall coverage. In addition to news from Intel, Lenovo, and more, there is plenty of automotive news as well on the convention floor. The Ford Motor Company has long viewed themselves as a technology company, and now almost all the main […]

LaCie Little Big Disk Packs Thunderbolt 2 Interface and Blazing Speed


LaCie pulled the wraps off of their Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 product at the 2014 International CES. Designed with videographers in mind, the Little Big Disk has a Thunderbolt 2 interface and two PCIe interfaced 500GB SSDs in RAID 0. With claimed speeds of up to 1370MB/s, LaCie believes that they have the fastest […]

2014 Ford Fiesta SE Delivers More Than Just the Basics

2014 Fiesta

When some people look at a subcompact vehicle like the Ford Fiesta, they view it as rudimentary transportation. They see it as a vehicle that someone would buy because they could not afford something better. That is hardly the case with the current small cars available for sale in North America, and the Ford Fiesta […]

2014 Ford Escape Tech Simplifies the Everyday Experience


Technology is rapidly evolving in automobiles. Consumers demand more and more technology-driven features in all types of vehicles. Before, the advanced features were only available in luxury cars and trucks, but now features like Bluetooth and Siri Eyes Free are available in the smallest of cars. We recently had an opportunity to sample the 2014 […]

2015 Mustang is “Most Technologically Advanced” Mustang Boasts Ford

2015 Mustang

Ford recently took the wraps off the 2015 Mustang, and made some very bold claims about its completely redesigned pony car. According to J. Mays, head of Mustang design, the 2015 Mustang is the “most technologically advanced” Mustang ever produced. We were there for the announcement, and we like what we see in terms of […]

iWork Not Free for Previous Mac Owners (Update)

iWork Pages Icon

During the Apple keynote announcing the changes to the iWork suite of applications, it was mentioned that those apps would be free for “new purchasers of Mac and iOS devices.” What was unclear at the time, and clear now, was whether or not any user of Mavericks would be able to download the newest version […]

OS X Mavericks Won’t Download? 3 Tips to Speed Things Along


Despite Apple’s best efforts, unveiling a brand new operating system with the purchase price of free will cause a bunch of people to want to download it immediately. For some people, the download went very quickly. For others, it was and is continuing to be a slow process. Here are some tips to help speed […]

Is the New Mac Pro Upgradable or Not?

Mac Pro

Phil Schiller took the stage for the October 22nd fall Apple announcement to provide the professional crowd more information about the upcoming Mac Pro release. While stunning in both design and performance, it has been criticized for its apparent lack of internal upgradability. Mr. Schiller did spend a large portion of his time talking about […]

Uconnect Declared Best In-vehicle Connectivity in Texas


The Texas Auto Writers Association is one of the premiere organizations when it comes to reviewing trucks, crossover utility vehicles, sport utility vehicles and vans. Every year, they invited their member journalists (which we are a member of) to Knibbe Ranch just outside of San Antonio, to put the latest vehicles through their paces. One […]

How To Transfer Your Contacts from iCloud to Google Contacts

Android 4.4 KitKat is expected to touchdown with a new Nexus 5.

Does all the talk about the iPhone 5s and iOS 7 have you down? Maybe you were expecting more out of the new iPhone and now wish you could switch to Android? Part of making the switch to Android is making sure all of your contacts arrive in one piece. It is extremely easy to […]

Four Reasons the iPhone 5s Fingerprint ID Controversy is Way Overrated


The introduction of the iPhone 5s has raised issues about using a fingerprint as a methods of securing a mobile phone. Every argument has been made, from fingerprints not being secure to worries about the government creating a large fingerprint database. I even expressed concern over the Constitutional implications of fingerprint scanning. I’m here to […]

iPhone 5s “Reservations” Lead to Disappointment

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s launched last Friday to a frenzy of buyers. Due to anticipated shortages, lines were long in many locations. Mashable waited for over 12 hours at the flagship New York City location, and had to be exposed to Carson Daily. Several of our own people woke up in the early hours of Friday […]

The Constitution and Touch ID; A Battle Brewing?

Touch ID

The new fingerprint identification sensor in the iPhone 5s, called Touch ID, is going to present some unique challenges for users. One of those challenges may be how that changes a person’s right to 5th Amendment protections. Civics lessons have taught us that after the Founders wrote the Constitution, they decided that it was not […]

iOS 7 Wreaks Havoc on School Networks

iOS 7

Earlier today a large company that provides Internet access to K-12 schools started experiencing slow connection speeds. An anonymous source tells us a 100mbps connection down was achieving 0.77mbps during this time. The host company assumed that they were under attack from the outside. Upon further investigation, the company determined it was simply due to […]

Audi Introduces the Future of Vehicle Owner’s Manuals


Augmented reality apps, where the camera and a smartphone are used to overlay important information on top of real images, is a concept that has been around for awhile. Audi, never missing an opportunity to promote the advancement of technology, has unveiled their app that is designed to replace the owner’s manual in their vehicles. […]