Nokia Lumia 900 Ripped Open Already


Every time a new device hits the pavement, there are sites out there that throw one in a blender, rip it open to show the world its innards, and all sorts of other attention-getting tests and processes. The Lumia 900 is getting the business early though. TechRepublic’s Bill Detwiler tears down the Nokia Lumia 900 and […]

Hey Microsoft, Windows Phone Still Needs Screen Shot Ability!


If you have ever used a Windows Phone device, you know that screenshots are not something that Windows Phone does. Sure, Windows Phone can post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Sure, Windows Phone allows you to take a photo without unlocking the screen. Sure, Windows Phone has a fresh looking UI. Sure, […]

Windows Phone, iOS, Android: Mobile OSes and Me!


Today a reader commented on “Moving from Android to Windows Phone  7 Part 6: The Verdict“, an article I posted last fall when I switched from the Motorola Atrix as my personal daily driver to the HTC Titan. The comment asked me why I had returned back to the Titan and Windows Phone after I […]

Windows Phone 7 on Your Android Phone


I am not exactly sure why I have been playing around with my phones so much lately, but it is fun to drastically change your phone’s appearance from time to time. Last night, I shared how you can make your Galaxy Tab 10.1 look like a Windows 8 Tablet and a while back I shared a neat […]

Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II, Which Will You Buy? [Poll]


Now that we have a date and price for both of AT&T’s hot new Windows Phones, the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900, which one are you leaning towards? Both phones launch on April 8th and the Titan II will set you back $199.99 on contract, which is not a bad price at […]

Metro UI Theme for the Galaxy Tab 10.1


If you are into modding your Galaxy Tab, XDA Developers user BroBot175 has a fresh look for you, MetroUI. It’s amazing what kind of work people do with open platforms. This modification brings the exciting look and feel of Windows 8 to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 now. The application that enables the look and the matching theme is flashable via […]

glƏƏk! – A New, Unique, Well Done Twitter Client for Windows Phone

Screen Capture (67)

It seems like quality Twitter clients for Windows Phone are popping up every day. There are already some high quality clients out there like Mehdoh, Carbon, and my favorite Rowi. The developers that brought us “…i’m a WP7!”, Liquid Daffodil, has recently released a pretty solid new Twitter client called glƏƏk! They tell us in the intro that […]

Smoked by Windows Phone Drama Arises


Over the weekend, there was a bit of drama that took place at a Microsoft Store in Santa Clara.  Sahas Katta from Scatter Tech headed down with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus to give the “Take the $1,000 Windows Phone Challenge” a go. This is a new challenge that derived from the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge that […]

Free Games With Ads or Paid Apps Without? [Poll]

Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone in the Works

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that Angry Birds Space was launched last week for Android and iOS. Windows Phone was left out as I expected, but later on launch day, Rovio changed their tune and said they would be working on a Windows Phone version. My assumption is that some higher […]

iScore: Using Mobile to Score Baseball Games!


I have been working on a simple website for my son’s baseball team this weekend. The goal of the site is two fold, one to let parents know when the next game and/or practice is and to let the kids get excited seeing their names online with their stats. I thought this would be fun […]

Woman Falls Off Pier While Texting


Texting and Driving. Texting and Walking. Tweeting and Driving. All Bad! While you might want to chuckle, it’s a pretty serious issue. Not paying attention while fiddling with your phone could cause something much worse than taking a swim without warning. Imaging walking in downtown New York just texting away and you don’t realize that […]

Windows Phone Twitter Client – Rowi 2.0 Beta Preview [Video]


Yesterday was Twitter’s 6th Anniversary and KT put together a great list of awesome Twitter clients to honor this. The lone Windows Phone Representative was Rowi. As you might know already, I have been doing a ton of Windows Phone Twitter client testing and videos. Back in November, I took a brief look at a handful of […]

Premium Text Scams – What Are They And How To Protect Yourself

Bonnie's Text

Premium Text Services are Modern Day 900 Numbers! Late last week, my wife brought a series of text messages she received to my attention. She wanted to know what she should do. She got 3 texts that basically said welcome to Trivia Alerts. One of the mentioned that she would be charged $9.99 a month […]

I Am Passionate, But Can’t Use Windows Phone


Two of my friends have faced off recently about Windows Phone with different views so I figured I would chime in as well. Matt Miller, James Kendrick, and I are all friends from the similar background online. We’re all very passionate about mobile, all three of us were Mobius members, we each have a PDA […]

No NCAA March Madness Live for Some Android Users

March madness App Galaxy Nexus

We have some Android issues with CBS’s March Madness Live app. Not only can some Android models not download the app from Google Play, the terrible renaming of the Android Market, but video isn’t working. March Madness Live is supposed to work on iOS and Android and give users the chance to watch all 67 NCAA Tournament […]