Are Teens Texting Too Much? I Think So!


*+-It’s hard to preach it though since my 18-year-old daughter is well above the national average. On one hand, I think my daughter texts too much, but other the other hand she is saving me money when she texts instead of calling her friends. She is staying within her 2GB data plan and she is […]

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 on FCC Website


*+-A few days ago, GSM Arena got a tip that the Samsung Galaxy Mini was getting a successor, the Galaxy Mini 2. According to their tipster, the Mini 2 has a model number of S6500 and is code-named Jena. Like Samsung needs more models to cloud the waters more. Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy […]

Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset Coming Soon?


*+-I was browsing the feeds this evening and something caught my eye that I thought I had heard of before, the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset. WP Central was told that this Bluetooth headset should be coming to the US soon. There is a new landing page on Nokia’s US website now that gives the details, including NFC […]

Where is Swype for the Galaxy Nexus?


*+-I have been itching for Swype on my Galaxy Nexus since the launch. Unfortunately it wouldn’t work on the Galaxy Nexus or ICS for that matter. I went through a lot trying to get my fix. I have become addicted to this input style and had to have something. I shared with you all several […]

Everyone is Taking Stabs at Tech Companies


*+-It seems that some of the most popular comic strips, television shows, and commercials are all taking stabs at tech companies. You had the whole “I’m a Mac” series where Apple took stabs at Microsoft, the T-Mobile ads poking fun at AT&T, and more recently you have the series of Samsung commercials taking shots at […]

Tweetcaster for Android Updated – Adds Voice Tweets


*+-Yes, I am writing to inform you about a single Twitter App for Android that has a dot release update. I normally wouldn’t do this, but I love Twitter and I love trying new Twitter apps. I especially love when a Twitter app adds a really cool feature. There are other Twitter apps that do […]

The US Air Force is Looking to Buy 18,000 iPads (or equivalent)


*+-How would you like it if your work bought its employees iPads to replace one of your tools? I would be pretty stoked myself. Where I work, I serve big data pipes to business using late 90s technology to administer it all. In all fairness, I got a fairly new desktop recently. Anyhow, this is […]

A White Nokia Lumia 800 Appears


*+-I have to admit, I used to get excited over having a device come out in white. It’s not the Apple thing that draws me, it’s the fact that Microsoft used to restrict Pocket PC devices to a grey color for so long that color options excite me. These days, it seems like every phone […]

An iOS App Made for Me – Circuit Playground


*+-Most of you probably don’t know that I am an Electronics Technician by trade. I have been working as an electronics tech for about 22 years now. I joined the US Navy and that became my job after almost 2 years of “Navy Training”. I learned Ohm’s Law and all sorts of other stuff that […]

Is GLAS.t the Ultimate iPhone Screen Protector?


*+-I can’t answer that right now, but from what I am reading and watching, it sure seems to be. If you are like me and many others out there and don’t like using cases often, you need to make sure your screen is protected. You never know when you will throw keys or change in […]

Nokia is Working on NFC for the Nokia Lumia Series


*+-Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia’s head of design, sat down with the Guardian for an exclusive interview recently. During the interview, Ahtisaari discussed some of Nokia’s design plans down the road which includes several innovative ideas for the Nokia Lumia line which is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. NFC, wireless charging, and software color themes to match accessories […]

Which phone announced at CES 2012 are you looking forward to most?


*+-It’s been a few weeks and the dust from a very active CES for phone announcements is beginning to settle. AT&T and pretty much every major OEM announced phones. Motorola and Verizon announced a few rehashed devices, one of which launched on January 26th, 2012. Nokia and Samsung were fairly busy as well. That leaves […]

Be the First to Know When the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is Available


*+-We got a chance to see the Sprint Galaxy Nexus briefly at CES when Sprint announced that it was in fact making it way to them soon.  Sprint’s version is supposed to become available during the first half of 2012, but they have not finalized the pricing or specific launch dates for the Galaxy Nexus yet. There are […]

Do We Really Need LTE Right Now? Aren’t 3G Speeds Enough?


*+-Are consumers rushing out to get LTE phones for the same reason they run out to get the next camera with more megapixels when the sensor isn’t any better? Are they running out to get a LTE capable phone for the same reason they upgraded the CPU in their desktop from a 1.33 GHz to […]

Another Galaxy Nexus Custom ROM, Better Battery Life


*+-A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you all a custom ROM and some modifications that I installed onto my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The mods and the ROM took an awesome phone and made it fabulous. Unfortunately, I get bored easily and when I returned home from CES, after the slept catch up, I […]

Microsoft, Nokia, & EA Mobile Bringing New Games to Windows Phone


*+-Here’s some information on some games that Microsoft is teasing for Windows Phone. I have to assume games I will list below are coming in February since the post on the Windows Phone Team’s blog says, “Must Have Games for February”. The following games were announced by Microsoft on the Windows Phone Team Blog: Need for […]

Verizon Droid RAZR MAXX to launch on January 26?


*+-Verizon and Motorola announced the Droid RAZR MAXX at CES last week with no release date or pricing. Not getting that data was no surprise and sometimes phones announced at CES don’t get released for quite some time. I don’t know if anyone remembers the original, Windows Mobile powered Xperia. It wasn’t released until it […]

Skype Confirmed for Windows Phone


*+-Microsoft: Skype for Windows Phone is coming soon Yesterday, Hillel Fuld wrote an interesting article on Business Insider titled, “Here’s Why Robert Scoble And The Rest Of The Pundits Are Wrong: Windows Phone Will Be A Success“. This article stems from all the negative vibes that Scoble has been putting out about Windows Phone. Hillel goes […]