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XOOM ports in a silly location

I received a Motorola XOOM recently to review and must admit I am quite enamoured. In this world of overly critical Tablet awareness it is easy to suggest that when it’s not an iPad (2) it’s not good. Frankly however I’ve been in the Tablet game long enough to know that consumers will be fickle […]

Will an Amazon Tablet Succeed?

What's Next from the Online Giant?

Some of the biggest releases of 2011 have now landed and we’re knee deep in news about how this tablet or that tablet will single handedly overthrow Apple’s current market dominance. It’s an interesting time, mostly because no one can really decide (or agree) where the tablet market is going. And into this mess we […]

Do Travelers Use Different Tablets from City Dwellers?

Does Travel Affect Your Tablet Choice?

There are millions of new tablets entering the marketplace every month, but we still can’t seem to agree on which tablets will sell best, how long the iPad will maintain its market dominance and what “next big thing” will break onto the scene. To me, the tablet market is more than just “Tablets for everyone”. […]

Sony’s New Tablets Court the Gaming Crowd

Sony's Twin Tablet Entries

News leaked a few months ago that Sony was working on a gaming tablet. In the last couple weeks, we’ve received confirmation and an official reveal  by Sony of not one, but two gaming tablets – a larger, more traditional tablet and a smaller clamshell device seemingly designed to compete more directly in the gaming […]

After the Consumer Market Where is the Next Big Tablet Push?

Where's Will Tablets Boom Next?

Like most technologies that finally make it to the mainstream, tablet PCs and the iPad in particular are finding success in large part because they have generated huge amounts of interest from the average consumer. As is often the case, Apple’s first target was the average tech savvy Joe. But, we’re over a year into […]

Pushing the Boundaries of Technology in Tablets

Foreseeing what's next isn't easy

A couple days ago, there was a rumor that a Lenovo insider had revealed company plans to release a 23” tablet by the end of 2011 for home use. At first, it sounded like a joke, but then it popped up on a handful of sites and you started to wonder, could this be real? […]

What Should Your Tablet Weigh?

What's the Right Weight?

An acquaintance of mine received a new tablet the other day and when I asked him how it felt, the first thing he said was that it was intuitive, slick and way too heavy. Great for jotting down notes, but not so great for actually carrying around and getting things done. Right now, we’re in […]

Is Free the Right Price?

The Budget Tablet Dilemma

Whenever a new tablet hits the market, one of the first things people want to know is how much it will cost. That one little detail seems to have a bigger impact on the marketability of the device than anything else. If it’s too expensive, we start hearing over and over that it can’t compete […]

Do We Really Need eReaders?

What's Next for the eReader Market?

Two years ago, Amazon was on top of the world. Their Kindle device had just released a second version and was sweeping the nation’s media circuit with stories about glare free reading, epic battery life, and the ability to carry thousands of books. When the iPad was announced, one of the most discussed features was […]

Multi or Single Platform Computing?

How Many Platforms Will You Use?

It wasn’t very many years ago that the vast majority of computing was done on one of two platforms – Windows or Mac OS. Linux has always enjoyed a small but loyal share of the pie as well, but new operating systems stopped appearing a long time ago with few exceptions (see Chrome OS). You […]

Convertible Tablets – Can They Sell?


The earliest tablet PCs didn’t look much like what we use today. Some were pure slates, but most were hybrids of some sort, combining a keyboard and swivel screen for touch interface. Some of these devices were fantastic and allowed for full on-the-go productivity while others came up a little short. With many of us naming Fujitsu […]

How the Demand for Content Changes the Tablet Game

Tablet Only Content - Can it Work?

When the iPad was first released many people were skeptical of its potential, and a lot of that was driven by the platform’s lack of content to differentiate it from the iPhone. As time passed, so too did that hesitance, because Apple sold many, many iPads and developers soon followed. The same process is currently […]

Common Tasks on a Tablet

Getting Things Done on Your iPad

Tablets are not designed to do any one thing. They are supposed to be multimedia, multi-task devices that can take your regular computing tasks on the road. Some devices do a better job at certain tasks than others, but for the most part the major brands offer a large number of options for just about […]

How Many Tablets Will You Own?

Selection Expands

There are some people who think we’re entering a tablet bubble – that analysts are pushing growth too hard and that people don’t yet know what they will do with their tablets. And to be honest, I’m still someone who needs three devices to get my work done and most people when surveyed admit they […]

Tablet Features Two Years from Now

There have been a lot of words written in the last week about the iPad 2’s upgrades and how they stack up to the other tablets hitting the market this year. By now, we have a general idea of what hardware upgrades we will see in the next 6 months. But, I’m starting to think […]


Survival of the fittest

One of the many reasons Apple was able to finally jumpstart the tablet market (and stay on top of it for almost a year and counting) was their mastery of this concept of an ecosystem based device. Centralizing app distribution is huge and makes it easier for both consumers and developers, but there is also […]

Remote Desktop vs. Desktop Functionality on a Tablet

Access your desktop remotely, or remotely work on your desktop

Everyone has different ideas about what a tablet PC should do. Some users prefer to use it for entertainment and email. I, on the other hand, want my tablets to do pretty much everything I use a computer for. Understandably, we all have a different perspective on just how much functionality a tablet needs to […]

How do you get it on with your Tablet?

Lets move forward folks!

One of the best features of a tablet PC is that it does not require external input devices. On slate tablets in particular the lack of a keyboard and track pad, as well as the slim form factor makes them portable, easy to use and in many ways downright fun. Ultimately although the concept of […]

Honeycomb’s Likely Impact in 2011

Google's Honeycomb Bee in the waiting

Motorola’s Xoom is finally here and Apple is set to announce the iPad 2 on March 2nd. There are also rumors floating around of the Playbook getting closer to retail and other companies are preparing their 2011 tablets. The shelves are about to get very crowded at your local Best Buy. And while we have […]

When does size matter on your Tablet?

Back in 2007 - with 5" OQO and EVERUN

Over the weekend, news leaked of Apple preparing a larger iPod Touch to compete with low end tablets that offer a smaller screen size than the iPad’s 10” display. This comes after Steve Jobs has stated a that a 7” tablet isn’t the same as a true tablet in a 10” model. Add to that […]