Apple Music vs Spotify: 5 Things You Need to Know

Here's how Apple Music and Spotify compare.

The new Apple Music service delivers better Siri support than the competition, curated playlists and more. Here’s a quick look at the Apple Music vs Spotify comparison that you need to see if you are thinking of switching from Spotify to Apple Music for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows or Android. Announced at WWDC 2015, the […]

35 New iOS 9 Features You’ll Love

Switch from Android to iPhone easier on iOS 9.

Apple announced a sweeping collection of new iOS 9 features that are coming to iPhone and iPad during the Apple WWDC 2015 keynote. The iOS 9 release date is set for fall, when we will likely see some more features. At the event Apple also announced the iOS 9 beta for developers that starts today and […]

How to Get the iOS 9 Beta Right Now

Here's how you can get the iOS 9 beta and find iOS 9 downloads.

Users don’t need to wait until the fall and the iOS 9 release date to try the new features. It is possible to try the iOS 9 beta without a full developer account or waiting for a chance in a public iOS 9 beta. Here is what you need to know to download the iOS […]

iPhone 6s Not likely: 3 Potential WWDC Gadgets

Here are three potential hardware announcements at WWDC 2015.

All signs point to a new iPhone 6s in 2015, but it’s not likely that Apple will show off the new iPhone at WWDC 2015. This is a developer event with a big focus on software, but it is not out of line to see a few hardware announcements at or near the WWDC keynote. […]

How to Watch the iOS 9 Apple Event Live: Windows, Android & Mac

How to watch the WWDC 2015 Apple event live stream on Windows, Android and Mac.

You can watch the June 2015 Apple Event live on Windows and Android, not just on Mac and iPhone. Here’s how you can watch the iOS 9 Apple Event live stream from WWDC 2015 on your Windows computer, Android, iPhone, iPad or Mac. This guide will show you how to watch the iOS 9 Apple […]

Apple Drastically Changes How You Buy a New iPhone 6

Here's what you need to know about buying an iPhone 6 from the online Apple Store on AT&T.

Apple no longer offers a two-year contract for the iPhone 6 on one of the biggest carriers in the United States. As part of Apple’s new plan to sell you an iPhone 6, which will likely carry over to the iPhone 6s release this fall, you will not pay anything up front for your iPhone […]

5 Things to Do Before the iOS 9 Beta

Register for the iOS 9 beta now.

This guide will walk you through how to prepare your iPhone or iPad for the iOS 9 beta. We expect to see Apple announce the iOS 9 update on stage at WWDC 2015, and then offer a developer iOS 9 beta release soon after the event ends on June 8th. Apple followed this timeline of […]

How to Watch Women’s World Cup 2015 Live on iPhone and Android

Fans are ready for the 2015 Women's World Cup. Cyril Hou /

The Women’s World Cup 2015 games start on June 6th with a lot of excitement, even in the wake of the recent FIFA scandal. Here’s how you can watch the Women’s World Cup 2015 live on iPhone or Android when you cannot sit down and watch it on TV. FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 takes place in […]

Dude Perfect 2: 5 Things You Need to Know

What you need to know about the Dude Perfect 2 game for iPhone and Android.

Dude Perfect delivers a fun trick shot game for iPhone and Android that brings some of the crazy stunts these five friends pull off every week, right to your smartphone. The Dude Perfect team is best known on YouTube for insanely complicated trick shots involving basketballs, footballs, tennis balls and almost any other kind of ball […]

Halo 5 Release: 5 Things to Know Now

Halo 5 Release Details - 8

The Halo 5 release date is months away, but in just a week we’ll learn a lot of new Halo 5: Guardians details during E3 2015. Unlike Fallout 4, we already know a lot of information about the Halo 5 release. From online teasers and games to leaks, rumors and chatter with fans, there are […]

AlphaBetty Saga App: 5 Things to Know

Remember to stay focused on bubbles, cheese and other goals.

The AlphaBetty Saga app is finally here, offering a fun twist on boggle, word search and other word find games. AlphaBetty feels like a mix of Candy Crush and a Word Find and it’s just as hard to put down as Candy Crush games. AlphaBetty Saga started on Facebook and now it is possible to download AlphaBetty Saga on […]

Crackdown for Xbox One Release: 5 Things to Know Now

Crackdown for Xbox One Release - Crackdown 3 - 6

After a five-year wait it’s finally time for a Crackdown for Xbox One release to bring the fun back to Pacific City where the Agency needs to wrestle back control from a corrupt underground of criminals that from the looks of it still run things. The Crackdown 3 release appeared at E3 last year, dropping […]

2015 Stanley Cup Finals: 5 Things Viewers Need to Know

The Chicago Blakchawks vs Tampa Bay Lightning match up for the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals. photosthatrock /

The 2015 Stanley Cup Finals start on Wednesday June 3rd with the Chicago Blackhawks vs Tampa Bay Lightning. The Stanley Cup finals marks the return of a NHL Original 6 team to the finals, bringing a lot of excitement for the Chicago Blackhawks. After a heated Stanley Cup Playoffs the 2015 finals start tonight with […]

Madden 16 Deals Arrives Ahead of Release

madden nfl 16

The Madden 16 release date doesn’t arrive for several months but you can already save $10 to $22 thanks to amazing Madden 16 deals that should last for several months. Like many deals, this one includes up front savings and a bonus that you can use on a future game to chop the price as […]

The Witcher 3 Tips to Level Up Faster

Level up faster with these Witcher 3 tips and tricks.

Are you sick of losing fights in The Witcher 3? You need to use these The Witcher 3 tips to level up faster. This increases your skill, unlocks new weapon options and prepares you to fight bigger and badder enemies. We’ll walk through the best The Witcher 3 tips to help you gan experience and become a better […]

XCOM 2 Release: 5 Things Gamers Need to Know

XCOM 2 Release - 5

The XCOM 2 release date arrives in late 2015 with a return of one of the most popular strategy games that builds on the reboot that arrived in 2012. Here’s an early look at what gamers need to know about the XCOM 2 release date and overall release ahead of a bigger announcement at E3 2015. The XCOM […]

iOS 9 Update: 5 iPhone Problems Apple Needs to Fix

Apple should fix some iPhone problems in iOS 9.

We should see the iOS 9 update at WWDC 2015 in a week, and even though the public iOS 9 release date isn’t expected until later this year, we already have our eye on five iPhone problems that Apple needs to fix in the new update. It is unlikely that Apple will talk about these […]

Like Parent App: 5 Things You Need to Know

No real face scanning in the Like Parent app.

The Like Parent App shot to the top of the charts over the weekend as parents and children uploaded photos to see who the child looks like more. The free Like Parent app allows users to upload three photos and then see who the child resembles more. It takes just a few seconds to use […]

5 New Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Details Ahead of E3 2015

What you need to know about Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 ahead of E3 2015.

We expect to hear a lot of exciting Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 news at E3 2015 in mid-June, but you don’t need to wait for the gaming event to start. Rumors and official teasers are already in full force outlining details about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 release, new features, DLC and more. […]

New Verizon Edge Paves Way for iPhone 6s Release

The new Verizon Edge plan makes it easier to buy a new iPhone or Galaxy S6, but also paves the way for fast upgrades during the iPhone 6s release later this year.

Verizon announced a major change to the Verizon Edge plans that will make it easier for users to buy an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 today and will simplify the process of upgrading early to buy iPhone 6s this fall. The Verizon Edge option lets users buy a new phone for $0 down and then upgrade […]