Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop Update: Impressions & Performance

What you need to know about the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop update.

*+-The Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop Update is finally here, bringing Android 5.0 to the Galaxy note 4 on Verizon Wireless and offering a plethora of new features that make the Galaxy Note 4 smarter and it delivers new looks for the software and for many Android apps. After a decent wait the Verizon Galaxy Note 4 […]

iPhone 6 PowerSkin Spare Review

The iPhone 6 PowerSkin Spare is a budget iPhone 6 battery case.

*+-The PowerSkin Spare iPhone 6 battery case is an affordable option that can add more battery power to the iPhone 6 without a lot of bulk. Read our PowerSkin Spare review for the full scoop on the Spare, and to see if this budget iPhone 6 battery case is right for you. The downside is that you […]

5 New Apple Watch Release Date Details

Try on various models before the Apple Watch release date.

*+-The Apple Watch release date in the U.S and several other countries is quickly approaching, and while you have a few weeks of waiting left most shoppers will need to take action in less than a week. This early guide to the Apple Watch release date will cover the latest information including how to buy the […]

GTA 5 PC Release: 7 Key Details

What you need to know about the GTA 5 PC release right now.

*+-In about two weeks you’ll finally be able to enjoy the GTA 5 PC release date by firing up your super-charged PC to play what looks like the most beautiful version of GTA 5 to date. After multiple delays, the GTA 5 release is finally coming and we want to share important details that you […]

Can an iPad Replace a Laptop (2015 Edition)

Can the iPad replace a laptop?

*+-When it comes time to replace your aging laptop the most common question we hear is, “Can an iPad replace a Laptop?” The second most common questions are about the iPad vs laptop comparisons asking what each device does better. In the next five minutes you’ll learn about using the iPad as a laptop, including […]

9 Things You Need to Know About Apple Watch Pre-orders

Here's where to pre-order the Apple Watch.

*+-We finally know the Apple Watch pre-order start time, so you can add it to your calendar if you want to wake up late at night to be one of the first to order an Apple Watch. You might need to do this to make sure you get the Apple Watch on release day. After […]

Galaxy S6: T-Mobile Jump vs Payments vs Off Contract

What you need to know about T-Mobile Jump vs monthly payments.

*+-When you go to buy the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 you don’t have as many plan and pricing options as on other carriers, but you still face an important decision about how you will pay for the new phone and how fast you want to upgrade your Galaxy S6 to a Galaxy note 5 or another […]

13 Game of War Tips, Tricks & Strategies

The essential Game of War tips and tricks, plus Game of War strategy tips.

*+-Game of War is an addictive RTS style game for the iPhone, iPad and Android that delivers a lot of fun and a good amount of frustration. You can use our Game of War tips and tricks, Game of War strategies and what you need to be a better player. Officially the name of this game is Game […]

Battlefield Hardline Patch: 30 Fixes & Changes to Hardline

What you need to know about the first Battlefield Hardline patch fixes and changes.

*+-The Battlefield Hardline release didn’t include as many problems as some bigger games, but we did see a number fo Battlefield Hardline problems appear on PS4 and Xbox one within a few days and there is a new Battlefield Hardline patch on the way to fix over a dozen Battlefield Hardline bugs and to deliver almost as many changes […]

iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6 Deals: April 2015

Refurbished iPhone 6 deals deliver big savings off contract.

*+-Check out this collection of the best iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 deals you can buy in April 2015. We unearthed a number of great iPhone 6 deals and iPhone 6 Plus deals in April that can help you save $50 on a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on AT&T, Sprint and […]

10 Things to Know About the Apple Watch Release

This is what you absolutely need to know about the Apple Watch release.

*+-The Apple Watch release date arrives later this month, but you don’t need to wait very long to place an order for the Apple Watch you want to buy. Apple Watch pre-orders start in just over a week and there are many Apple Watch accessories and Apple Watch bands that are tempting for users on […]

Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge: 5 Things Buyers Need to Know

What buyers need to know about the Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge comparison.

*+-The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge release dates are finally official for the U.S. and you can pre-order both of these phones on all the major U.S. carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint & AT&T. Here are five things that buyers need to know about how these two phones compare in several important areas so […]

Verizon Galaxy S6 Early Upgrades Contain Big Catch

You can check out with what looks like a Verizon early upgrade to the Galaxy S6, but don't expect it to ship.

*+-The Verizon Galaxy S6 pre-orders are live and for users who aren’t at the end of a contract might be surprised to see an offer for a Verizon early upgrade when they log in, but there is a huge catch that you need to be aware of before you count on this deal to deliver a […]

Free Sprint Galaxy S6 vs Two-Year Contract

Is the free Galaxy S6 from Sprint better than a contract?

*+-Sprint Galaxy S6 plans and prices are the most confusing of any carrier, but with an option for a free Galaxy S6 and a Sprint two-year contract, plus a special Sprint Best Buy One plan it is important that you pick the right way to buy the Galaxy S6. If you choose the wrong Sprint […]

iOS 8.2 on iPhone 6 Plus: 5 Things to Know Now

What you need to know now about the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.2 update.

*+-In early March Apple announced and released iOS 8.2 for the iPhone 6 Plus and other Apple devices  already on iOS 8. This new update delivered a plethora of fixes and new features including the Apple Watch app that users need if they want to use the Apple Watch that arrives in April. After using […]

TIDAL vs Spotify: 5 Things You Need to Know

What you need to know about TIDAL vs Spotify.

*+-“What is TIDAL?” You might be surprised to learn that Jay Z’s new TIDAL Music streaming service isn’t new, but there is a flashy new launch complete with music superstars promising exclusives for the platform owned by artists. In the bizarre signing process artists marched to a podium to sign up for the service, but […]

PS4 Deals April 2015: $225 PS4, $50 Off, Free Games

Save big with our PS4 Deals April 2015 roundup.

*+-After looking at the PS4 deals for April 2015 you might think you are back in November looking at Black Friday ads. These are the biggest and boldest PS4 deals we’ve seen since the holidays and possibly the best PS4 deals we will see until this fall. There is a major PS4 trade-in deal for […]

Galaxy S6: AT&T Next vs 2-Year Contract Pricing

Here's what you need to know about AT&T Next vs 2-Year contract pricing.

*+-AT&T sells the Galaxy S6 for zero-down if you want to pay for the new phone each month instead of all at once. This new type of plan offers an easier way to buy the Galaxy S6 for many users, but is the AT&T Next program a good deal? In this article we compare AT&T […]

Amazon Store Card: 7 Important Amazon Prime Card Details

The new Amazon Store Card for Prime Members only works at Amazon.

*+-There is a new Amazon Prime Store Card that offers 5% back to Amazon Prime members or special 0% financing options for many Amazon purchases. This is an upgraded Amazon Store Card specifically for Amazon Prime members. This isn’t exactly an Amazon cash back credit card, because the credit only hits your statement, but it […]

MLB 15 The Show Deals Arrive for Release

There are also plenty of Buy one get one 50% off deals that include MLB 15 The Show.

*+-The MLB 15 The Show release arrives this week and if you want to save big, now is a great time to buy this game and others to score several big MLB 15 The Show deals. You can even save $50 or more with PS4 deals at many retailers if you also need to upgrade to the […]