The Smartbook is Coming


Let’s face it, the smartbook will become the inevitable next step in the evolution of our two favorite mobile gadgets: the smartphone and the netbook.  As our demand for mobile Internet content continues to grow, smartphones become more powerful, and mainstream consumer adoption of smartphones expand, the smartbook stands at the threshold. What exactly will […]

Still Time to Hack 2009 Thanks to Lifehacker


Want to know 2009’s best tips, tricks, and hacks?  Look no further than Lifehacker’s popular Best of 2009 series.  Lifehacker, the popular site that helps you make life better in nearly every conceivable area, has published their best of 2009 tips and tricks.  Spend a few hours (literally) researching the year’s best DIY projects, most […]

What $100 Can’t Get You


The goal of the original One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) was to create a $100 computer that could be given to impoverished school children.  Around the same time as the OLPC, Asus was working on their own budget-friendly consumer laptop, the Eee PC 701 Netbook.  Two years have passed since the netbook craze began.  Netbooks […]

Nexus One News and Weather Widget Available for Droid


The recent news of Google’s own smartphone, the Nexus One, has generated a lot of discussion and blurry screenshots.  Despite the quality of these low light glimpses into Google’s phone, there are many clear gems coming to us in the future Android 2.1 OS.  The Google News and Weather application presents top headlines and forecasts […]

Grading My 2009 Predictions

Taking a look at Warner’s scores for his 2009 predictions prompted me to review and grade my own thoughts regarding what I thought would happen throughout this past year.  Read below to examine what I thought 2009 would hold in the tech world.  Here were my predictions and what actually happened.  Check below to see […]

Verizon Abandoning the Droid Attack?


Many news sites and blogs are hailing the Motorola Droid’s marketing campaign as a substantial success.  It has been estimated that over 250,000 Droid’s were sold in the first week of its launch in early November.  NFL games and family sitcoms have been interrupted by commercials showing stealth bombers launching Droids, the Droid’s grit and […]

Motorola Droid: Do You Feel The Need to Kill?


To kill or not to kill?  That is the question Motorola Droid owners are asking themselves lately.  I have been using and enjoying my Motorola Droid since it was released a few weeks ago.  While I am happy with the phone, it is a little rough around the edges and reminds me of when the […]

Motorola Droid Screen Scratch Test: No Protection Needed?


Few things bring me joy like watching gadgets get blow up, smashed, destroyed, or scratched.  One southern gentleman has been brave enough to subject his Motorola Droid to the famous “sharp key scratch test.”  As the video shows, a sharp key is thrust over an unprotected Droid’s screen numerous times with no visible damage.  The […]

BlackBerry Gets Attacked by Droids: First Impressions


I managed to snag a Motorola Droid from my local Verizon store in Huber Heights, Ohio, after work yesterday.  To my surprise there was no line and the store was fairly empty.  A few customers were checking out the Droid, but the crowd was thin.  I asked the Verizon employee assisting me how the day […]

Forget CrunchPad, Meet InkPad


My daily routine is centered around a paper tablet.  I keep track of my to-do items, record important notes, and write down new ideas.  I love having the ability to write things down as they enter my mind and simply flipping back a few pages to remember what I did the day before.  My reliance […]

How Many Computers Have You Owned?


I’ve owned many computers throughout my life, perhaps more than I’d like to admit.  I sat down the other day in an attempt to create the most complete list of computers that I’ve owned since I delved into the tech world.  It all started with a Mac SE that my father would bring home from […]

Moblin v2 Impressions: This Has Potential


I have been using Moblin version 2 on my Dell Mini 10v netbook exclusively for the past couple days.  The linux variant is specifically tailored for a netbook’s smaller screen size, longer battery life, and Intel Atom Processor.  While the overall OS is smooth and offers much, I must offer a few suggestions.

Alternative Netbook Operating Systems


Rather than sticking with Microsoft Windows XP or the updated Windows 7, there are a variety of reasons for checking out alternative operating systems for your netbook.  The benefits of using a few of the following operating systems include being a part of a community of users, regular updates, and running an OS that is […]

High Resolution Netbooks Do Exist!


If you’re like me, you’ve been frustrated a time or two by the limited screen resolution of your favorite netbook.   A 10.1-inch screen was a vast improvement over the original 7-inch Eee PC, but my eyes can still feel like they’re jailed at 1024×600; A claustrophobic feeling often takes over when I’m netbook surfing. […]

Why I’ll Pass on the Apple Tablet


You may have read how I believe the upcoming Apple Tablet or CrunchPad would be an excellent tool for K-12 students. While I do believe these tablet devices could have a significant positive impact on the realm of education, I don’t plan on purchasing one for my personal use. Here’s why: What can it do […]

Tablet 2.0: An Open Market for Education


The upcoming tablet devices from Steve Jobs and Michael Arrington’s crews have the potential to greatly impact how people interact with digital media and the Internet.  Aside from being easy-to-use Internet companions and multimedia centers, these two devices could reshape the way teachers teach and students learn.  Much different than what we traditionally think of […]

Who Wants a Tablet Anyway?


A few arguments are developing over the upcoming generation of entertainment-focused tablet devices: Are these niche products?   Should we even refer to them as Tablets?   The folks over at Unplggd are asking readers whether an Apple tablet device has mass appeal and true functionality.   The post is summed up with this quote, […]

3G Enabled Apple Tablet Set for Early 2010


Apple Insider is reporting that the much talked about Apple Tablet is set for an early 2010 appearance.  The brainchild of Steve Jobs, the Apple Tablet will feature a 10″ touchscreen and 3G.  Apple Insider reports that Jobs had been working behind the scenes during his medical leave, maintaining direct control of the Apple Tablet. […]

Does Your School, Business, or Grandma Embrace Social Networking?


Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have changed the way people organize and share information, but there is still a lot of resistance from educational institutions, businesses and individuals to accept these forms of communication.   Let’s examine these three entities and how online communication is being denied. The Public School Setting There […]

Duros 8404 Tablet: Rugged, Atom, Sunlight LCD


Rugged Tablet PCs have been around for a while, but the Intel Atom processor seems to be opening the door to a new breed.   Hothardware reports that the Duros 8404 rugged Tablet has been given the netbook’s famed Intel Atom processor (as an option rather than a 1.0 GHz Celeron M) and an 8.4″ […]