So It’s Not a Netbook Version of Windows 7??

A few days ago Warner put up a post about a ‘Netbook’ version of Windows 7 that that Microsoft was supposedly going to offer.  Well, as a follow up to the original post, Mary Jo Foley reports that Microsoft responded to her question: Microsoft is now saying that this SKU is not specific to netbooks.  […]

Get the Windows 7 Beta Soon

If you haven’t done the download for Windows 7 just yet, and you are still thinking about killing your bandwidth for a while, then you only have a few more days to do it!  The download has been extended for a little while longer and will end on February 10th.  The following timeline is from […]

Wacom PL-900 For Your Next Presentation


This Wacom screen looks to be geared more to the educational or large corporation video departments, but still looks like a nice tool to use while giving a presentation.  The Wacom PL-900 has a 19” screen, with a 1280 x 1024 resolution, that will allow the use of the digital pen to annotate and write […]

SugarSync Adding New Features – Shared Folders


While there are many file syncing applications out today, one that I have been using for my personal syncing needs is SugarSync.  Today, Sharpcast is announcing some feature upgrades that will be delivered to some users today and expanding over the next week to all users.  The primary new module is called Shared Folders, and […]

JK Takes A Look At The Lenovo W700ds


We have brought the news and reviews about the Lenovo W700ds to you in the past on, but now JK over on has his hands on one.  It will be interesting to see what he thinks of this large unit.  I wonder if he’ll be hauling that thing over to Starbucks anytime soon!

MSI Wind U120 Netbook Showing All


Engadget linked to earlier today showing a fully striped down MSI Wind U120.  It’s always fun to see something taken down to the guts! The link is a Google translated page — and make sure to check out the links at the top of the MSIWind.ex page for some videos and reviews of the […]

Tablet PC Inking Plugin for Acrobat


Good friend of James Province shot us a link to a video showing an Inking plugin for Acrobat.  What’s the best part?  Well, James is the star of that video!  The post that is over on the Acrobat Blogs is informative and also has a video overview of the application in action.  This new […]

HyperSpace and ASUS Team for Instant On


Rob mentioned the application called HyperSpace once before, but now there is news that the program will be out to the masses from an OEM.  ASUS will be incorporating HyperSpace into their next generation netbooks.  It appears that the Lenovo X301 is supported and I still have it till tomorrow so I might give this […]

Netbook Remix Style Application for Windows XP


Windows Touch Remix looks like a nice replacement application for those of you using a Netbook with Windows XP but are still wanting the same ‘start menu’ interface that has been developed for the Linux offerings.  This application is still being developed and is in the Beta form, but from looking over the threads, it […]

HP TX2525 Entertainment PC on


If you are in the market for a TX2525 Entertainment PC head over to before they sell out!  The HP TX2525s they have are refurb units and are selling for $699.99.  Not a bad deal for the specs.  I recently took a look at the HP units and was really pleased with just about […]

EMTEC Launches the Gdium Netbook


EMTEC is joining in on the Netbook scene with the release of the Gdium.  This netbook has some similar specs of some other netbooks but offers one unique feature: Unique to the Gdium is the G-Key, a bootable USB key on which the Linux operating system, applications and personal data are stored. The G-Key allows […]

HP Mini-Note 2140 Announced


HP has announced a refresh to their Mini-Note with the HP Mini-Note 2140.  This refresh has really bumped up the specs to make it a very capable netbook for the mobile warrior.  With a full range of OS choices and configurations, this little guy gets pushed almost into the realm of having some laptop specs […]

New Sony UMPC Picks Up Some Specs


Chippy has some info over on UMPC Portal about the new Sony UMPC that (hopefully) will be covered by the gang at CES next week.   It appears that Sony will be dipping into the Intel Atom processors on this one — check out the specs: Atom Z250 1.33 2GB RAM HDD (optional SSD) GPS […]

X301 Mobile at the Coffee Shop


As I am sure most of you are aware by now Team GBM is using some loaner Lenovo computers to cover CES (if you didn’t know that, they did :) ).   I was supposed to be going this year, but things didn’t work out.   I did still get a Lenovo X301 for a […]

Via Getting Ready to Combat the Atom


Via is getting ready to start some competition with Intel by putting out their own very low powered Dual Core 3000 processor.  I didn’t see any specs on the speed, but below you can read what the Cnet News article is saying: The dual-core version of the Via Nano 3000–due in late 2009 or 2010–may […]

Large Format iPod Touch – The Apple Tablet?


Techcrunch is reporting from ‘reliable sources’ that there is going to be a new large format iPod Touch coming in the fall of next year.  Could this be the ‘Apple Tablet’ we’ve been waiting to get our hands on?  I agree with most of the statements in the article and they make sense, but for […]

Pogo Sketch for Capacitive Touch


We’ll have to wait till this one is actually in somebody’s hands before  we actually get too excited, but the Pogo Sketch is supposed to be used on capacitive touch screens like the iPhone or multi-touch tracpads.  Will be interesting to see what the feedback is like when using the pen – could an artist […]

GBM InkShow: HP tx2525 Entertainment PC


Over the past week or so, I have been taking a look at the HP tx2525 Entertainment PC.   I shot some video of a few features on the new machine that I thought would be of interest to someone wanting to purchase on of these Entertainment PCs.   The video starts off with a […]

Fujistu Officially Releases The ST6012 Tablet PC


Way back in September we brought you the news that Fujitsu was cooking up a new slate Tablet PC called the ST6012.   Well it’s officially been released and available for ordering!   This new slate offers up some cool features that aren’t on other slates like an integrated camera and wireless USB.   Prices […]