Big Brother Is Knocking and It’s Amazon at the Door

I have to say, this move by Amazon has me a bit concerned. It turns out that the publisher of George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 (yes, of all books) decided that they didn’t want to have an electronic edition of their book being made available any longer to Kindle users. So, Amazon wirelessly deleted […]

Herbi Writer – Helping Children With Learning Disabilities


Many readers of have been following the journey my daughter, Maggie, has taken through the years due to a brain tumor.  Some of the many consequences of the tumor and multiple brain surgeries she’s had has been a lack of hand-eye coordination and brain integration / pathway problems. Maggie’s occupational therapist works with her […]

GBM Shortcut: Inking in Word 2010 and OneNote 2010

onenote for

Are you in to Tablet PCs? Wanna take a sneak peak at inking in Word and OneNote 2010? Then take a quick look at this GBM Shortcut video where I demo inking, screen capturing, and customizing pen favorites. This is not an indepth review – just a short look at some of the cool stuff […]

What’s Wrong With This, Google?


Yeah, I’d love a Google Toolbar with Chrome. Oh, wait it’s not available.  I really appreciate how you entice me, then tell me I’m using a Firefox browser, then tell me I’m not using Firefox,  and then tell me that I can’t have what you told me I could have three screens ago. Thanks for […]

Lenovo S12 Rocks

In addition to evaluating the Lenovo S10-2, I’m also evaluating a Lenovo S12. Like Xavier, I’m hesitant to call the S12 a netbook as it is essentially a 12″ notebook that runs the Intel Atom N270 processor. However, it is just as portable and a wonderful mobile device. The timing is good as I’m also […]

Riding the Colorado Trails With a Viliv S5 MID

I’m working with my son Dax, helping him with his cycling merit badge for Boy Scouts. We’ve got six rides under out belt so far and have had a blast. It is an awesome father / son activity. We rode our   second 25 mile ride today, and will finish up with a 50 miler […]

GBM InkShow: Motion Computing J3400 vs Fujitsu ST6012 Head to Head


You’ve all been waiting for it and here it is – a head to head video review between Motion Computing’s J3400 Tablet PC and Fujitsu’s ST6012 Tablet PC. This has to be the most indepth head to head review I’ve ever done, as I compare pens, batteries, ports, screens, bezels, how to hold the tablet […]

GBM InkShow: Fujitsu ST6012 Tablet PC Video Review


We get a lot of gadgets and computers to review here at GottaBeMobile, but there is nothing like getting to play (er, I mean work) with a slate Tablet PC. Even though they don’t fit my particular work flow, I love the simplicity that a slate brings to the table. In this InkShow video review, […]

Motion Computing LE1700 Being Discontinued


It looks like Motion Computing’s LE1700 days are numbered, which is unfortunate because the nice tapered design was always one of my favorites. A newsletter was just sent out saying that the LE1700 would only available while supplies last, which means they are not making any more. If interested, contact a reseller today for $100 […]

Bluebeam + Tablet PC = A Great Productivity Toolset


The great thing about Tablet PCs is the flexibility it offers in getting work done. From managing to-do lists, signing PDFs, or tracking projects, a Tablet PC plus the right software solution, can bring immediate benefits to any business. Checkout this case study from Bluebeam on how one of their customers uses Bluebeam and a […]

Google Introduces Google Chrome OS

Wow. We’ve all been speculating about a Google OS for years and, today, the veil has been lifted on Google Chrome OS, which is initially being targeted for netbooks. You definitely want to head over to the Google Blog and read the details. Look for more updates from Google in the fall, as well as […]

GBM Shortcut: Lenovo S10-2 Netbook


Good news – Lenovo’s improved S10-2 Netbook is shipping and Lenovo was kind enough to send me a production ready machine to play with for a few months. Xavier gave us a really quick hands on when the S10-2 was announced, but this will be our first time to get extended play time with it. […]

How Do You Keep Track of The All Stuff You Have to Do?


These days most of the projects and stuff I’ve got swirling around my brain is being organized and stored in MindManager 8. I love the program because of the way I can creatively organize buckets of information around how I think and work, and how it lets others organize around how they think and work. […]

7% Off Everything at


Is a Tablet PC in your future? Then you need to head over to  Allegiance Technology Partners where they are having a 7% off EVERYTHING for the next seven days. Here is a bit of info from John Hill, the owner of Allegiance Technology Partners: Wow, seven years in business – it’s hard to believe! […]

A Tale of Tea and Two iPhones

As usual, our day started by rolling out of bed at 4:30 am, looking for some clean workout clothes. My wife and I both instinctively grabbed our iPhones and hit the Mail icon. While we brushed our teeth, we watched our mail and texts come in – some from our workout partners making sure we […]

GBM Shortcut: Windows 7 Touch and Browser Scrolling Demo


Browsing with your finger in Windows 7 is going to be a different experience across each browser and Windows 7 system. As demonstrated in this GBM Shortcut video, the experience will be based upon the type of touch digitizer your system has, whether the system is Windows 7 Touch logo certified, and what type of […]

Win an HP dx9000 TouchSmart PC


Attention all developers: is giving away an HP dx9000 TouchSmart PC. All you have to do to win is develop a compelling touch application. Watch for details over on

Sign Up for OneNote for iPhone Beta


Just the other day we let everyone know about a new notetaking application in development: OneNote for iPhone. The MS Team has just posted a registration page if you’d like to beta test the software. They are accepting registrations through July 30, 2009 and are planning to release the beta around the first of August. […]

OneNote for iPhone In Development

I’ve been in correspondence with   TheMSTeam who let me know that they working on a OneNote application for the iPhone. They have been soliciting my feedback regarding prioritization of features for a version 1.0 release. If you are interested in beta testing this application, then look for an invitation on website in the […]

GBM Shortcut: Motion Computing J3400 Boot Speed Test

What good are specs if you can’t show something off, right? Well, in this GBM Shortcut I demo Motion Computing’s J3400 Tablet PC with their improved 1.6 ghz processor, 64 gb SSD, 4 gb of RAM, and Windows 7 Build 7201. Cold boot: 26 seconds Shutdown: 5 seconds All GBM Shortcuts are sponsored by Lenovo