Apple WWDC – iPhone Keynote

Now over 50,000 apps on the App Store. Over 40 million iPhone and iPod Touches. Over 1 billion apps downloaded in only 9 months. Support for MMS will be available via 29 carriers around the world, but not AT&T until late summer. And again ATT lags behind… Tomtom has released a full turn by turn […]

Apple WWDC – the Keynote

New 15″ Macbook Pro with Li-polymer batery with up to 7 hour battery life. Also has 3x the number of recharge cycles -over 1000 recharges. Also replaces the ExperssCard slot with an SD card slot. Up to 3.06 Ghz and up to 8Gb of memory and 500 gb hard drive. Prices start at $1699. The […]

Live from Apple WWDC


I’m sitting in line waiting for my first Apple keynote. Unfortunately, no Steve Jobs for this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, but I’m still hoping for some good announcements!

Winner of the HP Vivienne Tam Mouse!


And the winner is (can you hear the drumroll?) Tanya Anna Wilson! Tanya got bonus points for having a wonderful write up on her blog about how she loves the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition.  Thanks to all who responded! When the mice are actually available for sale, I’ll let you all know.

Exclusive Vivienne Tam Mouse Giveaway!


Not available for sale yet in the US, but I have one for a lucky reader of GottaBeMobile! This mouse is a perfect match for the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition. If you (or someone you know!) has an HP Vivienne Tam Edition, this would be an amazing find. And if you don’t have a […]

Comparing the Fujitsu P1630 and the Fujitsu P1610


If you are looking for the size and weight of a netbook but you need the power and flexibility of an Intel Core 2 Duo, there is really only one contender — the Fujitsu P1630. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Fujitsu P1630 convertible notebook for the last few days. I love this […]

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Gift?


The HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition may have something just for you. HP is choosing a lucky winner for a Vivienne Tam Edition! The contest rules are posted on the Facebook page for the Vivienne Tam Edition (yes, it has a Facebook page!), but it’s pretty simple to enter. You could have one of these […]

I Love the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition


Sometimes I find a device with which I get an emotional connection that transcends technical features and specifications. The HP Vivienne Tam Mini 1000 is just such a device. I just want to have this system – Viv – with me all the time. Granted, if the features didn’t live up to the beauty, then […]

New LG X120 Netbook


First photos of the new LG X120 netbook. No specs yet, but it’s running Splashtop in a preboot environment. Click the image to view a higher res version, and follow the Continue Reading link below to view a close up of the keyboard. Specs: 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, 1.6GHz Atom processor, Windows XP, […]

Redfly Provides Software Stack for XP/Vista

I really enjoyed reviewing the Celio Corp Redfly device several months ago. Celio has announced that they are making a software stack available for XP and Vista to allow you to extend your phone to a standard laptop as well. I can see using this when I have no WiFi signal on my netbook. For […]

The Next “Tablet PC” ?

Let’s see. Full 8.5×11″ readable? Yes. Touchscreen? Yes. Less than 1 pound? Definitely! Note taking capability? Looks like yes. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until next year to get it. This device from Plastic Logic may not have a name yet, but lots of people are very interested already. If anyone still remembers is lovely […]

More on the Samsung Papyrus E-Ink Device


I go the chance to play around with the Samsung Papyrus in the Samsung booth. While the Samsung representatives had absolutely no information about the Papyrus, I was able to find the information management, active digitizer notetaking, and, of course, book reading to be very functional. The pen lag on notetaking was vastly improved over […]

Netbooks, Netbooks, Everywhere


Everywhere you turn at CES, you find another netbook. Pictured at the right are a few netbooks from Changhong. It wasn’t clear if these products are available in the US at all, but they were even more entries into the glutted netbook market.

I’m in Love with the HP Vivienne Tam Netbook


Ah, the joys of finding a shiny, new product that catches my eye. I saw the new HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam at Cntrstg and I have to say – WOW. From a fit, finish, and style viewpoint, this is a gorgeous netbook. Now I’ll grant you, this is 100% a feminine focused netbook, so […]

Mobile Edge Releases the Elements


Mobile Edge has announced a line of new briefcases designed by women for women. The Elements line of bags look like a great option for women who need a more professional look than the adorable CuteBug Sheba I reviewed last May. The new Elements briefbags are available in green,brown, and pink, all with brown leather-like […]

GBM Shortcut: Intel UrbanMax Innovation Platform

I got an opportunity to talk about the Intel UrbanMax to Patrick Lynch, the marketing manager for the platform. In this short video clip you can see the UrbanMax in action. The innovation platforms are used to both showcase Intel’s vision of where mobile computing is going, as well as show a production-ready design that […]