A Wonderful Example of Windows 7 Touch Optimization


Windows 7 enthusiast Justin Campana has put together a wonderful custom interface for a fully touch-optimized environment using a combination of ObjectDock, widgets, themes, and the right applications on his ASUS Eee EP121. Beautiful.

HTC Pays $5 Per Android License… To Microsoft


You may recall Steve Ballmer talking crazy a few months ago about how Android isn’t free and that you gotta pay Microsoft to use it. Well, now there are numbers to back that up ranging from HTC’s licensing fee of $5 a pop to asking prices of $7.50 to $12.50 from others.

Mobile PC Visionary Otto Berkes Leaving Microsoft

Photo courtesy Microsoft

Though he’s probably best known as one of the original XBox founders, Otto Berkes was a key figure in the Tablet and Mobile PC world. Yesterday, he announced his departure from Microsoft, leaving a big tablet-shaped hole in their brain pool. Brier Dudley of The Seattle Times broke the news. As lead developer on Origami […]

Android Tablets Aren’t Made To Be Held The Right Way

Tim Bray, Google’s Developer Advocate for Android, has taken a stand on tablet orientation, and he says portrait mode is the way to go. I wouldn’t go that far, but he makes some good points. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t with how people are holding their Android tablets, but how manufacturers are designing them.

New Facts About the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Slate

infinity mark

I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Moore, senior director of mobile product management for Fujitsu America (this guy), regarding the Stylistic Q550 slate due to start shipping June 3rd. Given the wealth of information already released about this Windows 7 tablet, I figured there wasn’t much new to cover, but I learned more […]

Bill Gates Says “The PC Is The Tablet”. Is He Right?

Photo courtesy Microsoft

In an interview with the BBC about his philanthropic work, Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates was asked about something non-philathropic: living in a post-PC era of smartphones and tablets. His response? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t a surprise.

Fujitsu Lifebook T901 Tablet PC on Sale Now


Yesterday, Fujitsu announced the follow-up to their T900 convertible, the Lifebook T901 Tablet PC. While it is a straightforward spec-bump in many respects, there are a few notable changes, including five-finger gesture support and optional NVIDIA Optimus graphics.

Google Aims to Succeed Where Microsoft Has Failed


Watching the announcements streaming out of Google this week, I could not help but notice a certain trend. There were a slew of accessory devices and gadget applications shown off in what is unofficially being called “Android Everywhere”. They’ve bolstered their offerings with music streaming and movie rentals. They seem intent on breathing new life […]

Motorola Delivers XOOM Tablets to Autism Speaks


As we’ve reported before, tablets make a great tool for dealing with autism. They are ideal for non-verbal communication, such as working with symbols and drawing out ideas. Motorola has also recognized this and have provided XOOM tablets to 46 families for a test program. Good job, Moto!

GBM InkShow: ARMOR X7 Rugged Tablet PC – “Tough Enough”

The ARMOR X7 with a squirrel

Got my hands on another rugged Tablet PC recently: the ARMOR X7 from DRS Technologies, the smaller brother to the X10gx I reviewed earlier. But don’t let the size fool you. It may be petite by comparison, but it’s just as rugged. Definitely tough enough.

YUDU Claims to Dodge the iPad Subscription Tax (But Doesn’t)


News flash! “Service launched for publishers to evade Apple cut!” That was the headline as digital publishing service YUDU announced a way for publishers to sell subscriptions for content in iOS apps without paying Apple a 30% cut. Which is great news if you didn’t know that was already possible.

Bing to be Preferred Search and Map Provider for BlackBerry


Today at RIM’s BlackBerry World, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Bing will be the first name in search on RIM’s BlackBerry devices, including the Playbook tablet. This places Microsoft Bing on top of rival Google on yet another major smartphone brand, adding more fuel to the mobile search fire.

Wi-Fi Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Gives Up More Than Just 3G


Buyers of the Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab are reporting on Amazon and other venues that 3G isn’t the only thing you give up with this tablet. It appears processing power and Bluetooth connectivity have also been downgraded.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 Tablet PC Slate Launching Today


As promised, I am on-the-spot for the launch of the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 slate Tablet PC, announced about an hour ago by Fujitsu through their social media outlets. It’s available through their online store now, starting at $729.

Apple’s Not Spying on You; You’re Spying for Apple


By now everyone has read something about the controversy about Apple tracking people through their iDevices. Unfortunately, most of the information out there is misleading and/or wrong and has been from the beginning. Furthermore, not only does this misinformation not help, but it’s clouding the serious, legitimate problem.

ARMOR X10gx Rugged Tablet Now Sprint Certified


Just got word that the ARMOR X10gx rugged Tablet PC is now certified for the Sprint 3G network. While built-in mobile connectivity is falling out of fashion due to mobile hotspot and phone tethering, not many of those devices are designed to take a beating. For reliability in harsh environments, on-board connectivity in a tough […]

Motorola Xoom Hard to Find at My Local Best Buy. Literally.


They say the single most important thing in retail is location. I found some truth to that with the tablets at my local Best Buy last week, highlighted by the abysmal placement of the Motorola Xoom, but contradicted by the in-store tablet usage I saw.

Windows 8 Immersive looks like Origami 3.0


As screenshots from Windows 8 circulate around the ‘net (round-up at Notebooks.com), I feel as if I am unable to appreciate the new elements being introduced because I’ve seen them before. They were already introduced five years ago. By Microsoft. On tablets. What’s being called “Immersive”, I call Origami 3.0.

PLAYMOBIL(TM) Apple Store Playset is a fake product that should be real


For the best April Fool’s Day stuff on the Internet, ThinkGeek is the place to be. Like last year, they mocked up a bunch of fake products complete with slick video promos. But sometimes, these fake products are so popular, that they become real. Through magic. Well, no, by generating demand that they then meet […]