Motorola Announces Droid X Amidst iPhone Frenzy


Making a continued resurgence from obscurity, Motorola looks to steal some of the blogosphere chatter with the announcement of its Droid X smartphone on Verizon’s network today. The Droid X lands on July 15 and will come with Android 2.1 with a promised upgrade to 2.2 and Flash 10.1 support when Froyo is finalized in […]

Virgin Announces MiFi Pay-As-You-Go


Road warriors have long touted the benefits of MiFi products from Sprint and Verizon since their inception. The ability to have 3G data speeds wirelessly routed to 5 different devices have allowed for an unprecedented level of productivity as Team GBM demonstrated at CES 2010. One of the main reasons I haven’t jumped onto the […]

Toshiba To Release AC100 Tegra Powered Android Smartbook


Toshiba is the first company out of the gate to announce the release of an Android-based Smartbook (albeit not in North America) by Q3 2010. Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 250 chipset running at 1GHz, the device is capable of 8 hours run time and 7 days standby. Other niceties include up to 32GB SSD,  integrated […]

ECS Announces Qualcomm-based T800 At Computex


ECS showed off a mockup of their upcoming T800 smartbook at Computex 2009 and Sascha from got some hands-on time with the device. The T800 is reminiscent of the Sony Vaio P we showcased at CES 2009 with a slim casing and elongated chassis. The 8.1” display and chicklet keyboard are very similar to […]

Asus Announces SnapDragon Smartbook Running Android

JKK, from is at Computex 2009, where Asus showed off its newest EEE PC. Unlike the rest of the EEE line of netbooks that are constrained by restrictions placed on the devices by Microsoft, the Snapdragon smartbook is running an expanded version of the Android OS and has an 11.6” screen. The device runs […]

Gadget Stimulus Plan: Blackberry Pearl 8100


Given the current state of the economy, I can’t think of a better way to jumpstart your gadget addiction than to start giving away more mobile devices. In this installment of the Gadget Stimulus Plan we launched in April, we are offering an UNLOCKED refurbished red BlackBerry Pearl 8100, courtesy of Read on for […]

Pixel Qi Shows Off 2-Mode Outdoor Readable Screens


One of the most frustrating things about being mobile is the lack of a decent outdoor viewable screen. Even in a classroom environment, the overhead banks of fluorescent lights often make glare an issue. The solution is to have a matte screen to minimize the glare reflected back. Unfortunately, I’ve found that matte screens are […]

ITG Announces XP-powered Phone At Computex


Ok, so I’m really confused now. I mean, it doesn’t take a lot to confuse me, but still. Just a few days ago, I reported on the Nokia N900 that will blur the line between MID/UMPC and smartphone. Today, In Technology Group used Computex to release the xpPhone, a phone that runs XP (or a […]

Microsoft Introduces Bing Search Engine


While Microsoft and Yahoo enjoys an on-again, off-again acquisition relationship, rival Google continues to expand its lion’s share of search queries. In order to stay relevant in the highly lucrative search engine business, Microsoft today announced their newest challenge in the form of Bing, which is to be followed shortly by an $80 million advertising […]

Tangent Medix 10T MCA Tablet Announced


The health care industry is undergoing some possible changes under the current administration with its push towards electronic medical records and Tangent is throwing their own iteration in the mix with the Medix 10T. The Medix 10T will have a 10.4” screen displaying 1024×768 pixels. The Medix 10T comes with an Intel Core Duo ULV […]

Smart Q7 Thoroughly Reviewed


Chippy over at UMPCPortal has put up a thorough review or the Smart Q7 internet tablet device. This device isn’t a full on UMPC or MID, but rather, is more or less a capable companion device for those situations when reaching for your tablet, notebook, UMPC, or MID isn’t convenient, or if all you want […]

Clevo TN70M Convertible UMPC/Tablet


Clevo slid under our radars again with their new TN70M available now for purchase. In March 2008, we missed the TN120R announcement, which turned out to be a 12.1” convertible tablet that was very customizable. The TN70M is Clevo’s latest foray into the realm of convertible tablets, this time competitively flirting with Asus’ upcoming T91 […]

Nokia Returns To UMPC/MID Scene With N900


The Nokia N810 was a definite niche device with limited appeal to the masses. With only wifi connectivity, sales were sluggish and Nokia pulled the plug late last year with a last-minute, limited release of a model sporting WWAN. MobileCrunch got an inside tip revealing plans for the new N900, which combined the functionality and […]

Hantech Siso Tablo Reviewed


We’ve reported on a similar product in the Hanwha Duo, but now we have a review of a working unit of the Hantech Siso Tablo from the folks over at Slashgear. The Siso Tablo works on the same premise as the Duo with a transceiver unit that sits either atop your laptop a la webcam […]

Analyst Predicts Netbook-Fighting Apple Tablet

The notion of an Apple tablet selling for $500-$700 is as ludricous as it is unbelievable. But that’s exactly what Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is claiming we can expect from the Cupertino team by this time next year. As you can probably tell, I’m having massive doubts about this.  

Volkswagen Joins Ford With In-Car Computing

Although details emerging are still murky, it looks as if the German auto-maker is developing an in-car computer (carputer, anyone?) based on Intel’s In-Vehicle Infotainment reference design that includes WWAN 3G connectivity via EVDO Rev. A, wifi, Bluetooth, and possibly even WiMax. USB ports will be housed in the glove compartment. The heart of the […]

RUGGEDBOOK Releases Rugged SR820 Slate Tablet


RUGGEDBOOK, known around these parts for their tough slate tablets, has updated the SR series with the announcement of the SR820. Geared towards the vertical market, the SR820 comes with with a plethora of industry-centric options such as a barcode reader, full MIL-specs, built in WWAN, GPS, and 2.0MP camera while curiously having netbook-esque specifications. […]

Asus Releases EEE PC 1008HA Netbook For North America


Asus’ highly regarded 1008HA Seashell series EEE PC introduced at CeBit 2009 has been officially announced for the North American market. Pricing is set at $429.99 for the 2.4lbs. device. Pre-orders are also eligible for a $20 rebate. With the explosion in netbook popularity, manufacturers are turning towards design and elegance to set themselves apart, […]

70,000 HP Laptop Batteries Recalled Due To Fire Hazard

In the seemingly never-ending battery fire fiasco, HP has just announced another battery recall. In November, HP issued a recall of over 100,000 batteries due to similar concerns of leakage and possible fire hazards. The affected models this time include the HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario, HP G6000 and G7000 series, and Compaq 6720s. If you […]

OCZ Neutrino DIY Netbook Gets Reviewed

At the end of March, we brought you news of a new player in the netbook market that raised a few eyebrows. What set this netbook apart from the rest of the pack wasn’t its stellar design, groundbreaking processor, or any breathtaking innovation. Rather, the OCZ opted to let end users customize the netbook based […]