Tired Of The Same Spec’d Netbooks? OCZ Lets You DIY


Here at GBM, we are both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the netbook craze. Overwhelmed by the fact that every time we blink, another manufacturer is introducing their own model to the exponentially growing market. We are also underwhelmed because it’s just the same specifications in the same form factor minus a different brand on the […]

Internet Explorer 8 Officially Released

Microsoft  will be making the much anticipated IE8 available at 12pm EDT, today, March 19th, 2009. Microsoft’s latest attempt to keep its market share in light of some stiff competition from Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera Browser, Apple’s Safari, and even Google’s Chrome Browser looks promising. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer claims, “With Internet Explorer 8, we are delivering […]

Turn Any Laptop Into A Tablet With The Hanwha Duo


Do you find yourself wishing your notebook computer was sometimes a tablet? Have you been putting off getting a tablet because of the tradeoffs? Are JKK’s and Chippy’s touchscreen modifications to standard netbooks something you’ve always wanted to do but weren’t comfortable doing? If you answered “yes” to these questions, Hanwha Japan’s Duo just might […]

Targus Releases Netbook Accessory Kit

Netbooks seem like the only subcategory in the computer segment that is enjoying recession-proof growth and Targus has joined in on the craze. With 35 million netbooks projected to be sold in 2009 and over 130 million by 2013, it only makes sense that a computer accessory manufacturer releases a decent all-in-one kit for the […]

Trimble Announces Yuma Rugged UMPC


Trimble, a small Sunnyvale-based company focused on mobile location-based computing, has announced its latest Tablet UMPC dubbed the Yuma. The device sports a sunlight readable 7″ 1024×600 touchscreen, 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 32GB SSD, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and two integrated cameras for geotagging with the built in GPS receiver. On the rugged front, the Trimble […]

Netbooks Might Be Key To Mainstream For Tablet PCs


Mobile World Congress 2009 wrapped up today, and buried deep within the myriad of phone related announcements lies  this little gem of a convertible tablet PC. Gigabyte, famous for their MIDs and UMPCs, announced an update to their M912 with the TouchNote M1028. It sports a 10″ screen in the classic netbook form factor but […]

SMART Boards Now Support Touch Recognition

If you have been in college in the last 5 years, you’ve probably seen SMART Board technology in the classroom. I remember my first experience with it and was completely blown away by how “smart” the board really was. Professors used the different colored pens to annotate Powerpoint lectures in real time of a projected […]

GBM Inkshow: Fujitsu LifeBook U820


In this Inkshow, I take a look at the Fujitsu Lifebook U820, a tablet UMPC/MID released at the end of 2008 that employs Intel’s Atom Z530 processor. Besides almost making me blind as I to tried to read the tiny 5.6″ screen supporting 1280×800 pixels upon unboxing, the U820 runs Vista Business on only 1.6GHz […]

jolicloud Shows Off Quasi-Cloud-Based Operating System


We met Tariq Krim at CntrStg during CES 2009 and were enamored with the concept of a netbook-centric operating system that would make navigating to our favorite sites easier. I think Warner’s recent winning of the HP Mini 1000 made him especially interested. TechCrunch got a screen shot preview of the OS that shows a […]

Post-CES 2009 Interview With VIA’s Tim Brown


The madness that surrounds CES and our efforts in maximizing coverage with a staff of four means that in-depth interviews are few and far between during the show. We will continue to have follow-up discussions with companies whose products promise to bring significant changes to the mobile computing sector as they become available. In this […]

Gear and Blogging in Las Vegas

CES 2009 is over, and man, am I tired! It’s Monday afternoon and I think I’ve finally recharged the batteries enough to be productive again. At the same time that I’m relieved to have it all over with, a little part of me is sad that I can’t continue chasing after the latest and greatest […]

Digifriends MID Makes Appearance At Touch and Tablet Community Meetup

The Tablet PC MVPs hosted the Touch and Tablet Community Meetup at CntrStg this afternoon and representatives from Digifriends paid a visit to the festivities. They didn’t come alone, however, and showed off the Digifriends MID that Jenn from Pocketables.net reported seeing at the opening of CES 2009. The device is truly impressive with a […]

HTC and Microsoft Windows Mobile At CntrStg

I just sat through a back to back presentation from both HTC and Microsoft Windows Mobile representatives. Although nothing groundbreaking was announced at CES 2009 from either company, a few upgrades are worth mentioning. From the HTC front, the T-Mobile Shadow update was shown as well as the Touch HD. On Microsoft’s side, full flash […]

HP Exec Discusses Touch Technology Past, Present, Future


CntrStg has been our base of operations for CES 2009 and is also the site of featured speakers from select tech companies. Today, during a segment dubbed “Touch the Future,” HP’s VP and Chief Technology Officer of the Personal Systems Group Phil McKinney spoke about the history of HP’s research and development in touch technology. […]

Warner Takes A Look At MSI Wind U120 Lighted Touchpad

In a market saturated with me-too products, OEMs are striving to set their products apart from the crowd. In this video, Warner checks out MSI’s latest attempt at differentiating themselves with a lighted touchpad. It’s an interesting concept, but is it really enough to get the MSI Wind noticed in the crowded netbook market? Decide […]

Fujitsu’s Paul Moore Talks Tablet Trends and Introduces U820 tokidoki Edition

With the exception of dedicated tablet manufacturers like TabletKiosk, Fujitsu was the only major make to have multiple tablet models on display. By mutliple tablet models, I mean distinctly tiered tablets like the UMPC sized U820, the ultraportable T2020, and the powerhouse T5010. Asus’ new T91 and T101 are internally the same with only screen […]

OQO Model 2+ Video Playback Video

The OQO Model 2+ has been a spectacular hit at CES 2009. Rob had an exclusive look at the device earlier in the week where the demonstration showed off a spectacular screen. I got some time with the Model 2+ at the Intel booth yesterday and shot this brief video of the Model 2+ in […]

A Closer Look At The PowerMat Wireless Charging System

GBM reader Harv asked us to take a closer look at the PowerMat Wireless charging system and being the tech junkies we are, we were more than happy to oblige. What we saw at CES 2009 Unveiled was just a scratch on the surface of a technology that inductively shocked us (pun intended). Not only […]

VIA Introduces Trinity Platform Utilizing Via Nano Processor

VIA is making a big splash this year at CES 2009, culminating in perhaps its most compelling creation to date. The Trinity platform allows for spectacular High Definition video playback using very modest hardware. Gone are the days of massive drains on power and money with what VIA had to show at their Lunch at […]

VIA Subsidiary WonderMedia Introduces Prizm Smartbook


Well, folks, right when we thought the netbook craze has started to stale, VIA storms onto the scene at this year’s CES 2009 with a new device from their WonderMedia subsidiary. This device dubbed the Prizm, runs on a 450MHz ARM processor, has 128MB DDRII SDRAM, 512MB Nandflash, can support up to 16GB SD support, […]