10 Reasons Not To Shop on Black Friday

It’s just a few days until Black Friday. Businesses are going to be offering amazing deals. People are going to line up in the earliest morning hours. You’re thinking about all the money you can save on your Christmas shopping. But the truth is, there are a lot of reasons to skip Black Friday and […]

Kindle Fire’s Biggest Upside? It Will Bring Us More Beautiful Books Soon

Thanks to the new Kindle Fire, eBooks on the Kindle platform are about to get a whole lot nicer to look at. Amazon has mostly focused on its e-Ink devices, which feature plain backgrounds and text-oriented user interfaces and presentation. As a result, the Kindle’s book format, Mobi, has been similarly text-focused. Amazon Kindle readers […]

Extend Your iPhone 4S Battery Life Via Zen State of Mind

iPhone 4S

Do you control your gadgets or do they control you? As a somewhat tech-savvy gadgets guy (working for a gadgets blog), I started getting emails from friends who had a new iPhone 4S asking if I was getting horrible battery life with the new phone, and people telling me they were reading about battery life […]

7″ iPad + Retina Display Will Make A Killer Device

Cult of Mac is passing on the rumor again that a 7″ iPad is being worked on. A 7″ iPad with a retina display is my dream tablet. Right now the Nook Color can’t display a magazine or a comic book for me without squinting like crazy. The display is limited to being being a […]