Batman Arkham Knight Impressions: Be Your Own Bat


With a tagline like “Be the Batman,” Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham Knight absolutely needs no introduction or explainer. You are the Batman and you’re about to have rough night fighting super villains and uncovering seditious plots to destroy Gotham City from within. Alright; I lied. You might assume you don’t need an explainer, but you […]

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: What You Need to Know

xbox one

Microsoft has given it a pretty clunky name, but never has there been a bigger feature added to the Xbox One entertainment console than the new options that let gamers play their Xbox 360 games on their new console. Microsoft calls it Xbox One backwards compatibility, and there’ll be almost no reasons left to not […]

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Impressions & More


For as much as gamers claim to hate them, remakes offer longtime fans of a particular series the opportunity to time travel. Forget always expecting the next major upgrade or added new benefit, remastered video games allow you to play as you once did, to do what you once loved again. Microsoft came dangerously close […]

Nintendo E3 Star Fox Zero Release Shocks

Star Fox Zero

It was at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo that video game and console maker Nintendo first revealed there was a Star Fox release on the horizon for its Wii U. This morning during its Nintendo E3 2015 Digital Event the company shocked everyone when it announced that a final version of the game is set […]

Forza 6 Impressions


I know people who find it astonishing that Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport franchise is so easily identified as something that’s innovative. To the untrained eye it doesn’t always seem as if video game developer Turn 10 is doing something innovative. After all, the nature of racing games hasn’t exactly changed. Players are still on a track trying […]

Stunning New Xbox One Dashboard Revealed

new xbox one experience

At E3 2015 this week Microsoft is finally sharing more about a sweeping change to the software that powers its Xbox One entertainment console and what seems like a huge shift in philosophy to go along with those changes. Microsoft revealed what it’s calling the New Xbox One Experience this week. Instead of showing the […]

Xbox Preview Program Brings 360 Games & More Now

How to Update the Xbox One (3)

Microsoft says that the Xbox 360 games compatibility that it announced at its E3 2015 Xbox Media Briefing, is available for anyone and everyone to try – provided that they have a console enrolled in the company’s Xbox Preview Program. Microsoft revealed that its Xbox One entertainment and gaming console would be updated to support […]

Destiny: The Taken King Release Date Revealed

the taken king

As video game publisher Activision indicated in its latest earnings call, there is a new Destiny expansion pack coming and it’ll be called Destiny: The Taken King. Activision and video game developer Bungie announced the new Destiny: The Taken King expansion pack this afternoon at Sony’s E3 2015 press conference for the PS4. The Taken […]

How to Watch Nintendo at E3 2015


The Electronic Entertainment Expo always seems pretty high-stakes when you’re talking about Nintendo. Nintendo straddles two horses in the entertainment industry. As the makers of the Wii U, they’re comfortably in third place behind the Xbox One and PS4. Splatoon did wonders for the console this past May and whatever the company shows at E3 […]

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller: 5 Things to Know

Elite Wireless 2

Every Xbox entertainment console released by Microsoft has had multiple controllers. Typically, these controllers were crucial upgrades needed to move their respective consoles forward into a new era. The original Xbox needed a smaller controller after the company released the controller was simply to big for most regular-sized hands. The Xbox 360 didn’t get a […]

All the Big Games at Microsoft’s E3 2015 Media Briefing

xbox at E3

A few weeks ago Microsoft, makers of the Xbox One entertainment and gaming console promised a slew of video games for its E3 2015 Media Briefing. Specifically, Xbox’s Phil Spencer confirmed described the games scheduled to be shown during the E3 2015 event as the “greatest” line-up of titles in the console’s history. Whether the […]

Halo 5: Guardians Warzone Mode Revealed at E3 2015

Halo 5 Release Details - 4

At this week’s Xbox Media Briefing at E3 2015, Microsoft didn’t just give console owners another look at its Halo 5: Guardians game for the Xbox One. The company announced revealed War Zone, a dedicated new multiplayer mode made specifically for Halo 5: Guardians. Warzone Mode is pretty much a multiplayer mode made for people […]

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Brings 360 Games Back

How to Update the Xbox One (3)

Almost overnight, Microsoft is adding to the amount of video games Xbox One users can play and purchase without a problem on its console. This morning at the E3 2015 video game trade show Microsoft announced something almost every single gamer with an Xbox 360 wanted when the Xbox One first launched in 2013: backwards […]

How to Watch Sony’s E3 2015 Experience Press Conference

From the FreeCheese.

Sony’s E3 2015 press event should be very interesting. Officially, Sony is calling its collective presence at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the PlayStation Experience, and tons of unannounced games and changes to the PS4 console are expected during the show. Thanks to live streaming apps on the PlayStation, partnerships with different movie theaters across the […]

How to Watch Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2015 Media Briefing

xbox  at E3

If you own Microsoft’s Xbox One console, this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo event is likely the highlight of your summer gaming season. Every year Microsoft uses its E3 Xbox Media Briefing as a launching pad for what’s to come this fall and early next year. Viewers get never-before-seen looks at new exclusive titles like Halo […]

Doom 2016 Release Revealed at E3 2015


As a super-short teaser revealed a few weeks ago, Bethesda Softworks, the company that now controls the long-running Doom franchise, is working on a reimagined version of Doom for release in 2016. Bethesda confirmed the Doom 2016 release at a games showcase just before the start of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, what’s being commonly […]

What Toys-to-Life We Expect at E3 2015: Skylanders & More


It almost seems impossible that there was ever a time when video game studios didn’t produce games that interact with separate toys and software. Just a few years ago, the Toys-to-Life category of video games was a laughing-stock. Before it launched, buying tiny Skylanders action figures to unlock new gameplay experiences wasn’t something people did. […]

Square Apple Pay Support: 3 Things For Businesses to Know


It’s not uncommon for the owner of an Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or an Apple Watch to walk up to a register with their goods and sheepishly present their device’s screen in lieu of handing over cash or a credit card. Announced last year, Apple Pay is available on all three of these […]

5 Crazy Things We Hope Happen at E3 2015

From the FreeCheese.

E3 2015 is quickly approaching. The show floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center doesn’t actually open until Tuesday, but on Monday Microsoft and Sony have huge press events planned where they’ll talk about the latest games and changes to their console. Bethesda Softworks is expected to mark the unofficial start of E3 2015 with […]

3 Shocking Halo 5: Guardians Details

Halo 5 Release Details - 5

What you consider what we’re learning in about Microsoft’s Halo 5: Guardians game from impressions from journalists, it’s almost silly to think that there was some worry Microsoft would simply not change up its formula. In all fairness, Halo 4, the last game in the series didn’t set the bar terrible high. A lack of […]