Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies – Shadows of Evil Detailed

black ops 3 zombies

When the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 release day arrives, gamers will have more than just a new war-themed first-person shooter campaign and multiplayer to get their hands on. Video game developer Treyarch is also throwing in a separate zombie-filled multiplayer called Zombies – Shadows of Evil. Treyarch and video game publisher Activision announced […]

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Release: Which Edition to Buy?

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 details - 5

Yearly video game releases don’t get bigger than the Call of Duty franchise. Every fall, video game publisher Activision and its studios drop another entry in the long-running first-person shooter series. This year we can look forward to the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 release. Some assumed that this year’s entry in the series […]

Xbox One Gears of War Ultimate Edition Bundle Surprises

gears of war ultimate edition xbox one

With Gears of War Ultimate Edition launching in late August, it was a given that Microsoft would do something special for those who wanted to pick up their Xbox One console and the game in one purchase. Late yesterday , Microsoft confirmed a Xbox One Gears of War Ultimate Edition Bundle that includes Gears of […]

How to Get the Free Windows 10 Upgrade

How to Add Calendars in Windows 10 (3)

This month’s free Windows 10 upgrade is the first time Microsoft has tried to significantly modernize the way users get its software upgrades. With Windows 8, Windows 7 and previous Windows upgrades your notebook or desktop either came with the upgraded equipped or it didn’t. Microsoft made free upgrades available to anyone ready to purchase […]

Stunning Office 2016 for Mac Release Finally Arrives


After months of previews and profiles, the Office 2016 for Mac release has finally arrived for owners of Macs, MacBooks, MacBook Pros and iMacs. Microsoft revealed that today was the Office 2016 for Mac release day earlier today in a post on its Office Blog, months after it publicly began testing the upgrade and features. […]

The 5 Best PS4 Games Still Coming in 2015

It is time to upgrade to a PS4 or a Xbox One.

It’s been a busy 2015 for PS4 games and the PS4 console itself. The PS4 remains ahead of the Xbox One in terms of overall sales. By most estimates, the console continues to dominate sales in Europe and Asia specifically. Better pricing and a steady stream of smart console bundles have kept the console afloat. […]

Skylanders Superchargers Release Goes Dark

Skylanders superchargers (1)

With Skylanders Superchargers release day quickly approaching, we’re learning a lot more about the complete figure and vehicle lineup that video game publisher Activision has coming. This week Activision announced the Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition Starter Pack, a new Limited Edition offering for the Skylanders Superchargers release that’ll include special characters and more. Skylanders Superchargers […]

July Xbox One Update Sets Up for Stunning New Features


The July Xbox One Update now going out to users doesn’t add anything in the way of new features, but does pave the way for Microsoft to add some of the more exciting upgrades that Microsoft shared during its Xbox Media Briefing at E3 2015. Microsoft announced what we’re calling the July Xbox One Update […]

Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 for GTA 5: All The Things In It

ill gotten gains part 2

Video game developer Rockstar said that it was dedicated to slowly and methodically improving and adding new features to GTA 5. More specifically, the company said that it planned to treat the GTA Online multiplayer built-into the title like a separate game with a longer life cycle. Today, the Rockstar reaffirmed that commitment with the […]

Disney Infinity 3.0 Release Date Revealed

disney infinity 3.0 starter set

With just months to go until it’s supposed launch, it was pretty clear that The Walt Disney Company would have to finally reveal a Disney Infinity 3.0 release date so that gamers and parents of gamers could prepare accordingly. New reports confirm that the Disney Infinity 3.0 release date is now set for late August. […]

Spectacular Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle Revealed

destiny taken king ps4 bundle

Sony, maker of the PS4 video game console, isn’t letting the recently announced Destiny The Taken King Expansion launch on the PS4 without any fanfare. This week the company revealed a absolutely gorgeous Destiny Taken King PS4 bundle that includes a matching PS4 controller and more. Sony revealed the Destiny The Taken King PS4 Bundle […]

Early Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Release Date: 5 Things to Know


Rory McIlroy PGA Tour isn’t just the world’s premier digital golf game. Really, it’s the only golf game worth considering. Made by EA Sports, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour has just about anything golfers could want. Famous players, competing on even more famous fairways, with new mechanics and upgraded graphics and commentary are slated for this […]

5 Exciting Xbox One Games Still Coming 2015

Xbox One Black Friday 2014 games deals will include $10 off new games and Buy One Get One 50% off.

2015 has brought with it a pretty steady stream of Xbox One games from all kinds of game makers. Massive Chalice and State of Decay arrived for players who need something less than the average spring blockbuster game through Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program. Ori and The Blind Forrest captured imaginations with great story telling and stunning […]

Epic 18 Minute Video Reveals Why No Man’s Sky Is Amazing


In an epic 18 minute video, members of Hello Games development team reveal a lot about their exciting and unorthodox new game coming exclusively to Sony’s PS4 video game console in the living room: No Man’s Sky. New video of No Man’s Sky wasn’t leaked, but rather Hello Games sat down with video game website […]

Sneaky New Star Wars Battlefront Leaks Tell All

Exciting Star Wars: Battlefront details from two new gameplay videos and E3 2015.

Star Wars Battlefront, the sandbox battle game set in the Star Wars universe and coming from video game developer DICE, isn’t due out until this November. That isn’t stopping us rom learning more details about the game and getting a firmer grasp on all the things that’ll be included on Star Wars Battlefront release day. […]

Apple Music Has a New Rival in Groove Music

welcome to groove music

It was only last week that iPhone, iPad and Windows users first got a taste of the hit new Apple Music service featuring live DJs, curated playlists and reasonably priced music streaming. This week Microsoft, makers of he Xbox One, Surface and more announced a new Apple Music rival of their own. Called Groove Music, […]

iPhone 5s iOS 8.4 Review


Like lightning, the iOS 8.4 update for iPhone 5s arrived last week and kicked up a firestorm. No longer satisfied with being just the biggest seller of downloadable music, Apple packed iOS 8.4 with bug fixes, small feature enhancements and its much-talked about new music service: Apple Music. Many spent this past week focusing on […]

Minecraft Story Mode: 5 Things To Know


Video games don’t get bigger than Minecraft. Released in 2009 by Swedish developer Mojang, the Minecraft games have become a huge empire. On one hand, Minecraft is a survival game that lets users craft what ever they need using the materials around them in an effort to defend themselves. By day gamers are building huge […]

Huge Minecraft Updates & Features for 2015 Revealed


There are Minecraft updates and feature changes coming in the near future that could have a huge impact on the way millions of users play the game and interact with the worlds that they’ve built. Some of those changes include the ability to dual-wield weapons and two new versions of Minecraft built specifically for different […]

Batman Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC Release Details Arrive

batman arkham knight batgirl

With the Batman Arkham Knight release date behind us, we’re learning a lot more about the Batgirl: A Matter of Family add-on coming to some owners of the game later this month. Rocksteady revealed more details about the coming Batman Arkham Knight content late last week, according to video game publication GameInformer. Batgirl A Matter […]