How to Set the Default Calendar on Your iPhone

Choose Default Calendar

While most users have more than one calendar synced to their iPhone, a huge annoyance is having appointments not end up in the correct calendar. Most of the time the default calendar will be the one that is first added to the iPhone. That may not be the most used account. Sometimes an appointment for a […]

How to Use the iPhone Equalizer for Better Sounding Music

EQ Options

Using the built-in iPhone Equalizer settings can drastically improve the quality of music. An equalizer basically works by changing the sound of a track to highlight certain frequencies. By changing the emphasis on certain frequencies, the user can listen to their music how they prefer to hear it. Certain songs will benefit more from using […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone’s alarm


We all have been there: you wake up in the morning feeling rested and then glance down at your phone to see how late to work you are going to be. Embarrassing, and it can lead to losing your job. With push notifications, phone calls and any other types of alerts, it seems that an […]

How to Find and Delete Videos from the iPhone Camera Roll

Delete Selected Videos

One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone is the camera. Over the years the iPhone has led the pack for taking great pictures and high quality video. While this is a great thing for consumers, it also becomes two-edged sword when it comes to storing all of this media. While photos take up […]

Tablets at CES 2013 Roundup

IdeaPad Yoga 11S Tablet

A lot of new tablets were introduced at this year’s CES. While there a lot of tablets to choose from already, many of the tablets we saw at CES were trying to compete with more popular tablets, such as the iPad and the Nexus 7. While tablets provide different functions, the user should approach purchasing […]

How to Set iPhone Custom Vibrate Alerts for Contacts

Tap Contacts

With iOS 6 many users know that they create custom ringtones. But one feature that some may not know about are custom vibrations. Custom vibrations replace the standard vibration when a user receives a phone call with a custom vibration pattern that you can set up and customize. This feature can help users differentiate when […]

Top Waterproof iPhone 5 Cases

BubbleShield Case

Accidents happen, and one of the most common ways an iPhone is damaged is by water. Water damage on an iPhone is not necessarily game over, but the device is definitely going to suffer from extended contact with water. Even though many users have cases on their phones to help avoid this catastrophe, most cases are not […]

How to Set Up iMessage on Your Mac


iMessage is one of the best ways to keep in contact with coworkers, friends and family.  With a few simple steps iMessage can be set up on any Mac. A benefit of setting up Messages for Mac is that all of the conversations that are on the iPhone or iPad via iMessage will be synced […]

How to Use Your iPhone as a Personal Hotspot Over USB

Blue Notification Bar

The iPhone works great as a mobile WiFi Hotspot, but it performs even better when plugged in with a USB cable. By using the Hotspot function over USB, the phone is both charging and providing an internet connection simultaneously. This is more reliable than the WiFi option which can take time to show up in […]

BodyGuardz Pure Glass Joins Glass Screen Protector Trend

BodyGuardz Pure Glass

Glass iPhone 5 screen protectors are one of the most popular iPhone 5 accessories we saw at CES 2013. Unlike traditional screen protectors, a glass screen protector is one that comes with some questions and confusion. Due to the fact that the idea of cases and other protectors is to protect the already existing glass […]

LarkLife Band Rivals Fuelband


At CES 2013 there has been a huge focus on health and personal fitness technology. One of the devices that allows users to better monitor their health and fitness is the LarkLife band. LarkLife is similar to the Nike Fuelband, another band that tracks data such as steps taken or calories burned. For those who are on […]

Lego Mindstorms EV3: Cool Toy and Education Tool

Lego MindStorms

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 is an updated version of the robotics interface offered by Lego. By using this device it is possible to create robots that can do a variety of tasks. The Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit offers five designs that are already made for consumers they just need to be assembled in that configuration. […]

Luci Portable Light Video Demo: Solar Light For Camping, Emergencies


While many of us take electricity for granted, there are some countries where either electricity does not exist on a widespread level or it is inconsistent. This is definitely a problem and the folks at MPOWERD are trying to solve that with the Luci. The Luci is an inflatable and water resistant lantern that provides […]

Panasonic Debuts 4K Tablet Prototype

Panasonic 4K tablet prototype

With the 2013 CES show a steady trend up to this point has been primarily focused on tablets. While there have been a lot of Windows 8 tablets, and assorted Android tablets, the new Panasonic 20″ tablet prototype is in a league of its own with an UltraHD resolution display. The announced prototype is a […]

PowerSkin Pro Case Packs Large Battery Boost for iPhone 5

PowerSkin Pro

Ask any smartphone user about how their battery life is and more than likely you will hear something like it dies too quickly or that it never makes it through a full day of use. While an unfortunate factor of mobile phones, it is one that we are not going to be getting rid of […]

FreedomPop Turns iPod Touch Into Cheap iPhone Alternative


While always having the latest and greatest smartphone is convenient, the associated cost is not one that many consumers are willing to pay. This being said there are many users who have an iPod touch or other iOS device that they would be willing to use at a lower plan cost if there was a […]

SmartBook Software Helps Students Ace Tests


With a new semester firing back up students are always looking for new ways to study and learn course material. While many students are moving to e-books there are always improvements to be made in reviewing the content that students read for their classes. This is where the McGraw-Hill SmartBook comes into the picture as […]

Liquipel 2.0 Repels Water in CES Demo

Video thumbnail for youtube video

Accidents happen, and when they happen to our expensive smartphones it easily makes us wish there was a way to protect it. The Liquipel waterproof coating keeps smartphones and tablets in top condition, no matter what the weather or unfortunate mishap is. In order to fully protect your device inside and out, Liquipel applies the […]

iPhone 5 Impact Band Bumper Case Shock Demo (Video)

tech21 impact band

Tech 21 offers a new impact resistant iPhone 5 case capable of protecting the iPhone 5 from drops and damage with a impact reactive band that hardens under impact to protect the iPhone 5. The Impact Band by tech21 is a different approach to a tough case, providing protection from drops and shock without adding significant bulk. (Read: CES […]