Bluetooth Hapifork for iPhone Counts Your Bites


The Hapifork is a new electronic fork that counts your bits during meals to help users measure how fast and how much they are eating. If you eat your lunch too fast, the Hapifrok will vibrate so you can slow down and eat at a healthier pace. The Hapifork comes in two configurations, Bluetooth and […]

Pantech Discover: At $49 Will Challenge Similarly Specced Galaxy S3

Pantech Discover

AT&T has announced a new smart phone, called the Pantech Discover, with high-end internals but a cheap upfront cost. The Discover features many of the same specifications that are also in the Galaxy S3. The Discover has a 4.8″ 720p display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, a 12.6 […]

NuGuard KX for iPhone 5: New Rugged Case by OWC


OWC has introduced a new rugged case for the iPhone 5 at CES 2013. While there are already many rugged cases on the market, the OWC NuGuard KX offers good protection at a reasonable price. As a rugged case, the main focus of the NuGuard KX is protecting the iPhone from damage. The case is […]

Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case Pumps Out the Jams

Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case7

The Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case puts a speaker on the front of the iPad to deliver louder, better quality sound to the iPad without carrying an external speaker. While the built-in speakers are adequate for most users, the iPad isn’t always loud enough for watching a movie, playing a game or enjoying music without […]

Griffin PowerDock 5 Cuts Cord Clutter, Charges 5 Mobile Devices

PowerDock 5

The Griffin PowerDock 5 charges up to five tablets, smartphones or mobile devices, keeping power users and families organized. Griffin unveiled the PowerDock 5 at CES 2013, cutting cord clutter on desks, tables and nightstands and allowing users to sit the devices in slots instead of spread out across the table. The PowerDock 5 is […]

iHome Launches New Lightning and Bluetooth Docks at CES

New iHome

With CES 2013 now upon us the onslaught of new accessories and new technology are everywhere. This is no exception when it comes to docking stations such as the iHome. They have updated their line of consumer products for the upcoming year and are showing them off at the technology and trade show. While in […]

Best Galaxy S3 Accessories

S3 Vehicle Dock

The Galaxy S3 is popular enough that users can find a range of great Galaxy S3 accessories to extend the usefulness of the phone. From Galaxy S3 cases and bluetooth speakers to adapters that connect the Galaxy S3 to a HDTV or projector, here are some of the best, and essential, Galaxy S3 accessories. We don’t see the […]

Five Most Affordable Music Streaming Apps


The way users listen to music has changed. And with advancements in mobile technology, streaming music has become particularly more commonplace. Streaming music can be cheaper for listeners than buying music from iTunes, and also offer more variety. With an audio stream the user can change what they are listening to, as opposed sticking to […]

How to Set Up Your Kindle Fire


If you just got a Kindle Fire we’re here to show you how to set it up, how to secure it and how to set parental controls. Setting up the Kindle Fire takes about 15 to 30 minutes and to completely set it up you will need an Internet connection. You can connect to a […]

Students: Use Evernote Peek to Cram and Pass Your Next Test

Example slide

While a lot of students use their iPad to take notes in class, there’s not always a good way to go over them. With finals rapidly approaching the need for a study aid is in high demand for many students. Evernote Peek supplies a decent solution to this problem by connecting Evernote, which allows you to […]

Best Kindle Fire HD Cases

Kindle Fire HD Fitfolio

The Kindle Fire HD is relatively new, but a number of excellent Kindle Fire HD cases are available to protect the Kindle Fire HD and the 8.9-inch model. The Kindle Fire HD is a resilient tablet, but in the hands of children or users who take the tablet to work or outdoors, a Kindle Fire […]

Best iPad Cases and Covers

Otterbox Defender

The best iPad cases protect the iPad 4th generation and iPad 3rd generation from damage without adding much bulk, and the iPad cases look good while doing it. These iPad cases fit the newest iPad models and add features that make the iPad more useful in harsh conditions, make it easier to type on the […]

How to Use Safari on the iPhone


Using Safari on the iPhone is easy, but most users are missing out on the full functionality by not using all the features. Here’s how to use Safari on the iPhone to its full potential to save time and avoid frustration. Some of these features include tweaking the default search engine, clearing the history and […]

Can an iPad Replace a Laptop at College?

iPad Writing Papers

“Can the iPad replace a laptop at college?” is a question the GottaBeMobile team hears all too often as parents and students look to cut the cost of heading back to school by skipping a laptop and buying a refurbished iPad for as low as $319. It’s tough enough to pick a laptop, especially with […]

iTunes Gift Card Black Friday Deals Off Up to 20% Off

Black Friday iTunes Gift Card Deals 2012

Black Friday iTunes gift card deals are back, offering up to 20% off the face value of iTunes gift cards. While a lot of stores offer gift cards with their purchases, another good deal that is sometimes looked over is iTunes Gift Cards. The deals offered on iTunes Gift Cards are definitely worth checking out as […]

Black Friday Tablet Deals for 2012

Kindle Fire

Black Friday is notorious for offering some of the best deals in electronics every year and 2012 is no different with a collection of Black Friday Tablet Deals for 2012. The Black Friday deals range from outrageously good to okay at best, but more than likely consumers will still be lining up at the stores […]

How to Setup Find My Friends

Find My Friends app

Find My Friends is an Apple app that uses GPS to find a friend’s location when they are using an Apple device like the iPhone or iPad. The app may sound cheesy, but it has some definitive advantages. This is extremely helpful for meeting a friend at a new coffee shop, picking up a relative at […]

Essential College Note Taking Apps for iPad


The iPad is a great college companion, and with the right note taking apps it can make taking notes easier during the semester and cramming for exams less frustrating during midterms. After trying to take notes on paper and on a laptop, I tried taking notes on the iPad. The iPad is the best way […]

How to Setup Passbook with Starbucks on the iPhone

Tap to pay within the app

iOS 6 brings Passbook to the iPhone, allowing users to make payments at Starbucks without their wallet. Passbook is a central hub for giftcards, coupons, tickets and other types of passes. The great thing about passbook is that all the items mentioned before are available right on the iPhone for easy access. This helps get rid of […]

Best Galaxy S3 Cases


Although the Galaxy S3 is a pretty durable phone, many users will want a Galaxy S3 case. A good case can protect the Galaxy S3 from drops or while in use during extreme conditions or can add color and style. Other cases add functionality to the Galaxy S3 with magnetic mounts or kickstands. This list doesn’t include […]