How To Contact the FCC Before the Net Neutrality Vote on May 15


For those concerned about the ongoing battle over Net Neutrality, this is a big week ahead. But then the last several weeks have also been big. At the moment the FCC is going forward this Thursday, May 15, with a vote on the new rules proposal that will decide the future of how the Internet […]

Adobe Voice Review: Story Telling Made Fun and Easy


Apple wants you to use the iPad to create your verse. Adobe wants you to use your voice to do the telling, along with icons, text, pictures and music. Adobe’s new iPad App called Adobe Voice in many ways is the perfect, easy to learn story telling App that will let you create your verse […]

12 Best iPad Writing Apps and Other Tools


It was a dark and stormy night… Writers begin with an idea and let their imaginations lead into a journey that with a careful crafting of words eventually tell us a story. It’s a very personal process for what in the end most hope will turn into a very public presentation. ¬†Every writer is different […]

Google Drive Now Updated for Android But Still Confusing


The confusion that has been surrounding Google’s intentions for Google Drive and its new standalone productivity Apps is still continuing now that Google finally released an update for the Android version of Google Drive. Last week Google released standalone Apps for Google Drive and Google Sheets, its cloud based word processing and spreadsheet solutions. Those […]

Netflix Price Hike: Current Users Guaranteed 2 Years at $7.99


How do you define “a generous period of time?” The answer is two years according to Netflix. As expected Netflix has increased prices for new users. The price hike went live today with a $1 price increase for any new subscribers. That means new users will be paying $8.99 a month instead of the current […]

United Airlines Now Offers Video Streaming on iOS Devices


One of the rituals that many a mobile warrior undertakes to survive the tedium of air travel is to load up a mobile device with video content to watch while a flight is in the air. The recent relaxing of rules about turning mobile devices off during take off and landing has made it even […]

Apple Posts User Notification Guidelines for Government Data Requests


Last week we reported that several large tech companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook were working on changing their policies about notifying users when there was a government request for a user’s data. Those companies would join Yahoo and Twitter which already had such policies in place. This public move is in response to […]

Surveys Say: Tablet Market is Beginning to Mature


Yikes! The Tablet marketing mavens and analysts are at it again. Tablet sales are slipping and consumer satisfaction is fading as prices decline. It’s time to chuck it all, build an ark and batten down the hatches against the flood of unsold and unsatisfactory Tablets that is sure to drown us all. Not really. We’re […]

The Mobile Report Card: Grading The Devices I Use


Since I started blogging again for last October I’ve been using a variety of different mobile devices. Some have become mainstays of my mobile computing life. Some I only still have to keep abreast of what is happening with its particular mobile platform. We focus quite a bit on devices and gadgets here on […]

Microsoft Prepping a Surface Mini Tablet Roll Out on May 20


We’ve been hearing word about the Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet for quite some time now. While the rumors don’t fill blog pages with the same amount of gusto that Apple rumors do, a smaller Surface tablet from Microsoft will certainly be of interest. Now it appears that Microsoft is prepping an event in New York […]

Confusing Google Drive Update Gets Even More Confusing


Last week I posted about Google unveiling new standalone apps for Google Docs and Google Sheets. I also posted the next day about the updates for the Google Drive App. There was a lot of confusion surrounding features being removed from Google Drive in lieu of adding them into the new Apps. Over the weekend […]

Loud Commercials Can be a Threat to Mobile Users’ Hearing


Last week I decided to so some binge TV watching to finish out the most recent season of Justified on FX. My wife was home and doing some reading across the room. I fired up FX on my iPad Air with earbuds in place, and started in on the first of the three final episodes. […]

Mixed Verdict in Apple vs Samsung Patent Trial


After 50 hours of testimony, three days of jury deliberations, and a lot of interesting info put into evidence, the jury in the latest Apple vs Samsung patent trial delivered what can best be described as a mixed verdict. In the end both sides will have probably spent more on legal fees that they will […]

Confusing Google Drive iOS App Update Giveth and Taketh Away


Automatic Update for Apps on mobile devices is a function many cherish and some stay away from. The benefit is that your Apps get updated automatically. One of the downsides is that sometimes those updates take away features before you’ve had a chance to see what’s up with the update. Google demonstrated that today with […]

Apple and Other Techs To Notify Users of Government Data Collection


Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are changing policies to appear as if they are standing up to the authorities in the wake of revelations of NSA snooping set loose on the world by the Edward Snowden leaks. Each of those large companies, and other smaller players, have, or are about to, change their policies so […]

Microsoft Updates OneNote for iPhone and Mac


Microsoft pushed through updates for OneNote for the iPhone and OneNote for the Mac today bringing features that the OneNote team says were the most requested by users. That’s a theme Microsoft has been using lately, most recently with updated versions of the Microsoft Office Apps for the iPad. The new features for both versions […]

Microsoft Reverses Course Will Patch Windows XP for IE Security Flaw

Windows_XP_Logo_Wallpaper_s729v 2

“You can count on us.” That’s how a new blog post from Microsoft concludes after discussing security updates to Internet Explorer in the wake of news of a major security vulnerability that affected all versions of the Microsoft browser from IE 6 to IE 11. That security flaw was made public last weekend and was […]

Amazon 3D Smartphone Image Leaks


The Amazon smartphone has been the subject of much curiosity ever since the Wall St. Journal and the Boy Genius Report first started providing leaked information about the rumored device several weeks ago. That curiosity continues today with yet another published report from BGR claiming to have the first image of what the Amazon smartphone […]

Google Releases Standalone Docs and Sheets Apps to Compete with Office


Everybody likes a little competition, right? Especially when it comes to document creation and productivity work on tablets and smartphones. Just a month or so after Microsoft released its long overdue and eagerly anticipated versions of Office Apps for the iPad, Google has released standalone Apps for Google Docs and Google Sheets for the iPhone […]