Celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday with Mobile Apps


This year marks the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare, considered by many to be the world’s greatest playwright. His plays still dominate stages across the globe with an enduring popularity unmatched by any other writer for the stage. While there is no official record of his birthday, it is traditionally celebrated on […]

AllCast Screen Mirroring Now Available as an App for Fire TV


Since its release two weeks ago, Amazon’s Fire TV has taken some kudos and taken some lumps from various quarters for various reasons. One of those lumps has been the “lock-in” that keeps users focused primarily on Amazon’s content. Even though Apps are available for Netflix, Hulu Plus and other content providers, Amazon, naturally so, […]

OneNote for iPad Review: Missing Too Many Notes


Microsoft is making a big play to woo iPad users who like, or are forced into using Microsoft Office at work or home. After the recent release of the Office Apps for the iPad, most of the attention has been focused on the versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. But there is another Office App that […]

How To Get Rid of Special Offers on Kindle Fire Tablets


Advertising is everywhere. There’s no escaping it. Unless you become a hermit and live in a cave you’re going to become exposed to some form of it. The mobile world and the Internet unfortunately are all about advertising. Theoretically it is why we can enjoy so much of the Internet for free. Advertising also affords […]

Shakeout in Wearables: Nike to Stop Making Fuelbands


CNET is reporting in an exclusive that Nike is deciding to get out of the hardware side of the supposedly burgeoning wearable fitness tracking category and stop making the Nike Fuelband. As a part of the move Nike is laying off 70% to 80% of the Fuelband team (around 55 employees). Nike plans to continue […]

Using the Kindle for Samsung App


Yesterday Samsung announced a partnership with Amazon to bring a Samsung branded version of the Kindle App to its lineup of Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Along with a new App featuring the word Samsung on the Kindle logo, the announcement also featured a new free book offer called Samsung Book Deals for customers who use […]

Amazon to Expand Voice Search on Fire TV and Create Fire TV App


As outdoor temperatures in the northern hemisphere temperatures begin to rise, Amazon’s Fire TV has brought some heat into the living room war for control of your television set. The newly released $99 set top box has been largely well received by reviewers and customers alike, even though some view it as a work in […]

Facebook Adds Friend Tracking with Nearby Friends


Facebook, the popular service most use and many who do wish they didn’t have to, is adding a new optional feature that will be sure to raise some privacy concerns, even though it is one of the few major changes Facebook has rolled out that is optional or opt-in. The new feature is called Nearby […]

Samsung and Amazon Create Partnership for Kindle Books


This is an interesting partnership that on the one hand seems unnecessary, and on the other makes much marketing sense when trying to feature something unique in a crowded smartphone market. (Even though you could be accused of helping to create that crowd.) Samsung announced today that it has created a partnership with bookseller Amazon […]

Nokia Suspends Lumia 2520 Sales Because of Charger Issues


It’s never good news to hear about a hardware issue that leads to a recall or a suspension of sales. But this stuff happens. This morning Nokia is announcing a precautionary move to suspend sales of the Lumia 2520 Tablet because of electric issues with the European and UK versions of the power charger. The […]

Businesses Get More Time to Update Windows 8.1 Consumers Not So Much


We’ve been talking quite a bit about the Windows 8.1 Update that was released last week by Microsoft. By most accounts it has been received as successful by consumers. The Windows 8.1 Update was designed to make life easier for mouse and keyboard users by bringing back familiar features from Windows 7. One of the […]

Amazon Now Syncs Kindle Docs in the Cloud & Adds Free Storage


Interesting news for Kindle device and Kindle App users arrived from Amazon via email this morning. Amazon is now making document syncing between devices using Amazon Cloud Drive easier. Users don’t have to do anything different but they will now see documents they have previously stored in Amazon’s cloud in a new Send-To-Kindle folder. In […]

Are iPads Harming Early Childhood Development of Motor Skills?

Photo from Circles in the Sand

File this under the category of everything good can also bring with it something bad. Tablets continue to proliferate and find there ways into households across the globe. For many that’s a positive outcome. We follow stories of young children being able to use iPads and other Tablets with glee, sometimes amazement, and increasingly with […]

Cell Phone Makers and Carriers Agree on Anti-Theft Measures


The theft of smartphones is obviously still big business. It has been since smartphones became a thing. Thieves can steal them and resell them quickly enough to make it a lucrative racket, although certain companies have taken steps to a least put obstacles in the paths of those who covet your smartphone. But coming up […]

Microsoft Office Online Apps Now Available in Chrome Web Store


Microsoft has been very busy in the last month as it works to develop and extend its Mobile and Cloud strategy. Earlier today we posted about the availability of the new lower cost Office 365 Personal edition and included references to the newly released Microsoft Office Apps for the iPad, as well as the fact […]

Amazon 3D Smartphone Details Begin to Surface


Boy Genius Report is running with an exclusive that reveals more details on the upcoming Amazon 3D smartphone that we reported on a few days ago. The report includes pictures of a prototype of the new device in an enclosure, and also reveals some potentially interesting details about the device. Keep in mind that these […]

Microsoft Office 365 Personal Now Available for $69.99 per Year


Microsoft has been making big splashes in the mobile pond of late as it works to build on its Mobile and Cloud strategy. The release of Office Apps for the iPad sent out the biggest ripples in the pond. That was preceded by a release of OneNote for the Mac, which caught many off guard. […]

Samsung’s New Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Reader Hacked


Ah, security. Mobile device users want more of it in a world full of Heartbleed bugs,  a hacking culture that can disrupt even the best of intentions, and growing concerns about government snooping. As we move deeper into the day when users and service providers want to use mobile devices for more and more interaction […]

Google Patents Contact Lenses with a Camera


This news comes the day before Google Glass goes on a one day sale to the public. It comes one day after reports of another Google Glass user being assaulted for wearing that device. The news comes from Patent Bolt that Google has filed for a patent on contact lenses with a camera. Imagine being able […]

Amazon Updates iOS Photos App, Makes Photos Easier to View on Fire TV


What’s our Cloud mantra that we keep repeating? Everyone wants your content in their Cloud. One of those content categories that every user seems to enjoy, and every Cloud service competes to have is photos. And that’s because everyone is taking photos on their mobile devices in record numbers. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Flickr, Dropbox, and others […]