New MacBook Air Wi-Fi: ‘You Are Not Connected to the Internet’


The new MacBook Air models have a serious Wi-Fi problem that makes it difficult to recommend buying Apple’s latest computers until the company fixes the issue. Complaints litter Apple’s support forums  and after testing my review 11″ and 13″ MacBook Airs at several locations I can confirm the problem first hand. If your MacBook Air Wi-Fi is […]

iOS 7 Is Enough: No iPhone 5S at WWDC, No Problem

The iOS 7 release date is looking good for September.

Apple announced a lot of new software and a pair of new MacBook Airs at WWDC 2013, but the company was mum on when we’ll see the next generation iPhone. Though the iPhone 5 is relatively new, some Apple fans are itching for an upgrade and were hoping Apple would release an all-new iPhone 6 […]

DriveSavers Revives Irreplaceable Memories

Still frame from lost video of my grandparents

DriveSavers might not be a household name, but it’s the most important tech company to my family right now. The company performed a minor miracle by recovering a cherished video of my grandparents from a dead iMac drive. About a decade ago I sat down with my grandparents at their dinner table with a video […]

Google I/O 2013 in Pictures

google-io-2013 7

Google I/O 2013 was a feast for the eyes. While much of the news coming out of the conference was focused on Google’s virtual wares, Google had an impressive array of physical products, promos and demos on display. Google’s gone far beyond beyond organizing information on our computer screens. As you can see in the […]

HTC One: The MacBook of Smartphones

The HTC Butterfly 2 may take some features from the HTC One but utilize a larger display.

Love the look and feel of your MacBook? Then you might want to make the HTC One your next smartphone. Slap an Apple logo onto the back of the HTC One and it would fit in perfectly at Apple Retail stores. In fact, the HTC One looks more like Apple’s MacBooks and iPads than the […]

5 Reasons the HTC One is Better Than the iPhone 5


The HTC One is arguably the best Android phone available and bests the iPhone 5 in several ways. iPhone users who are on the fence between upgrading to an iPhone 5 and switching to Android should take a close look at the HTC One. Its excellent design and  build quality is something users must see in […]

T-Mobile vs AT&T vs Verizon iPhone 5 Speed Test


Can the $99 T-Mobile iPhone 5 keep up with Verizon’s and AT&T’s? To find out, I pitted the three versions against each other in speed tests in several neighborhoods in San Francisco. While T-Mobile’s 4G LTE isn’t available in San Francisco, its 4G HSPA+ network performs admirably, besting Verizon’s 4G LTE speeds in many areas. […]

T-Mobile Remains a Second Class Citizen in iPhone 5 Land


T-Mobile and Apple started selling the iPhone 5 yesterday, but the wireless carrier isn’t on level playing ground with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. T-Mobile’s facing a number of disadvantages that could steer iPhone 5 shoppers to its competitors, or just cause big headaches. The biggest issue of these is that Apple isn’t even selling the […]

Google Fiber Speeds Into Austin

Google Fiber

Google announced that its gigabit Internet service will soon roll out in Austin, Texas. Google Fiber offers almost 200 TV channels and download speeds that are about 100 times faster than typical home broadband connections.  Google hopes to begin connecting homes to Google Fiber by the middle of 2014. Austin may not have Silicon Valley’s […]

Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime Services Down for Some

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 2.56.24 PM

Apple’s popular iMessage and Facetime services have been down since approximately 12:15 PDT for some iPhone and Mac users. Apple’s acknowledged the outage on its Apple Services, Stores, and iCloud Systems Status page, but is not giving guidance on when the services will be restored. Users that are having trouble sending iMessages from their iPhones should […]

ThinkPad T431s: Lenovo’s Refined $949 Ultrabook

ThinkPad T431s 1

Lenovo introduced the ThinkPad T431s, a slim 14″ business Ultrabook. The ThinkPad T431s is the cleanest T-Series ThinkPad we’ve seen to date thanks to a healthy dose of user-friendly design touches. Lenovo put a lot of effort into evaluating how people actually use its notebooks in the real world. Designers put prototypes into the hands of […]

HTC Going After Galaxy S4 Seekers on Twitter

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 5.23.56 PM

Those searching for the Galaxy S4 on micro-blogging site Twitter will find the HTC One. HTC is aggressively marketing against Samsung by promoting its own Tweets when people search Twitter for information on the Galaxy S4. The HTC One is the Android smartphone manufacturer’s one and only flagship device for the year. The company is […]

Hundreds of Thousands Watch Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Live on YouTube

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 4.22.31 PM

Samsung is in the midst of announcing the long-awaited Galaxy S4 at Radio City Music Hall, a venue with just over 6,000 seats. That’s quite a bit of room to accommodate industry insiders and Samsung fans, but that’s just a tiny fraction of the more than 400,000 people watching the Galaxy S4 unveiling live on […]

HTC Crashes Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Party in New York

An HTC rep shows off the HTC One at Samsung's Galaxy S4 Launch Event

HTC reps are crashing Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event in New York today to show off the HTC One. At least three HTC reps are showing off the HTC one to members of the media and Samsung fans waiting outside of Radio City Music Hall in New York, where Samsung is set to unveil a […]

iPhone 5S Could Use Color Choice as Selling Point


Apple could make a big splash by offering the iPhone 5S in multiple colors. Color options beyond the black and white options Apple currently offers are something some iPhone buyers are already paying hundreds of dollars for. Apple is well aware of this and the company would stand to profit if it were to simply […]

iPhone 5 Battery: Over a Week of Standby Time is Easy


The iPhone 5 battery can survive on standby for a full week on a single charge. Though It’s pretty easy to chew through an iPhone 5’s battery in a single day, it’s also pretty easy to keep it powered on for up to a week if you barely use it. This is especially important in […]

Nokia’s New $20 Phone Can Do Things the iPhone 5 Can’t

Video thumbnail for youtube video

At just under $20, Nokia 105  compares favorably to the iPhone 5 expensive smartphones in a few key areas, but it’s not meant to replace Apple’s devices. Instead, Nokia is selling the device to emerging markets, where 2.7 billion people do not own mobile phones of any kind, primarily due to cost. Introduced today at Mobile […]

Transport Company Saves Big Money, Improves Safety with Rugged Tablet PCs


Heniff Transportation Systems shuffles 300 trucks, 550 trailers and hundreds of drivers. The company employs rugged Tablet PCs in order to better serve its customers, meet safety standards and keep costs in check. Illinois-based Heniff Transportation Systems serves an array of clients that need to move bulk liquid chemicals. About 40% of the tanks the company […]

Are These Photos of the iPad mini 2?


What may be leaked photos of the next-generation iPad mini are making the rounds. The photos show what’s claimed to be the rear aluminum shell of the iPad mini 2. The shell largely looks similar to the iPad mini currently on shelves, but it has blue logos and appears to be thicker. Launched late last […]