AutoRap App Makes Anyone Sound Like They Can Rap

Smule, the studio behind Ocarina and I Am T-Pain has a new app that lets anybody rap with no actual talent.

Like the studio’s T-Pain app, AutoRap will take anybody’s voice and make it sound like they’re going along with the music in the app. Unlike I Am T-Pain, AutoRap doesn’t use auto-tune to change the pitch of a person’s voice.

The effects the app uses are a bit hard to explain. Thankfully Smule has a somewhat funny video to demonstrate the app.

While the video shows AutoRap running on an iPhone, the app is also available for Android. Both versions are free, with in-app purchases that offer different modes and beats.

The app lets users just talk to convert their voice to rapping. Users can also use Rap Mode that lets users rap along with the songs in the app. Voice Mode lets users freestyle create their own songs, like the video shows. Users can then share their songs with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The Android version of the app will eventually have the ability to use user-created apps as ringtones, but the feature isn’t available quite yet. We can’t imagine what kind of narcissist would use their own raps as their ringtones, but they will eventually have the chance to do so.

We doubt the iOS version will have the same option. If it did, it would likely involve a lengthy process that involves a Mac or PC unless Apple makes a lot of changes in iOS 6.