Best Buy Destiny Beta Codes Missing for Many

Gamers are worried and frustrated over the Best Buy Destiny beta code distribution one day before the Destiny beta release arrives on PS4. The PS4 Destiny beta launches one week before the Xbox version, and the only way to play is with a code that comes from pre-ordering Destiny. Best Buy Destiny beta codes are not available for many gamers who pre-ordered the game.

Update: Best Buy Destiny Beta code access is still down. New details below. Amazon delivered a Destiny Beta code seconds after ordering.

While the Best Buy Destiny beta is a big deal for the company, including Destiny Beta tournaments in many stores, the retailer is incapable of delivering Best Buy Destiny beta codes to many who pre-ordered the game from the popular retailer.

If you don't have a Best Buy Destiny beta code the day before the PS4 Destiny beta you aren't alone.

If you don’t have a Best Buy Destiny beta code the day before the PS4 Destiny beta you aren’t alone.

According to Bungie, if you want to play the Destiny Beta you need to pre-order a Destiny version, which includes access to an early version of the game. They list Best Buy as a partner and suggest contacting the retailer if you don’t receive a Destiny Beta code.

After placing an order two days ago, and waiting the 24 to 48 hours that Best Buy claims it takes for someone to send you a Best Buy Destiny beta code, there is still no code available and Best Buy Support only suggests checking spam folders.

We are not alone in wondering where our Best Buy Destiny beta code is. Twitter is flooded with gamers asking where their Best Buy Destiny beta code is. The PS4 Destiny beta starts on July 17th, leaving many gamers wondering if Best Buy will be able to deliver a code in time to play at the start of the PS4 Destiny beta.

This is just a small collection of Best Buy Destiny beta code complaints found on Twitter. Although the official support channels are not helpful there is a Best Buy forum post that offers an update, but is notably lacking any promise that your Best Buy Destiny Beta code will arrive in time for the PS4 Destiny beta start.

Best Buy appears to be manually sending out codes after verifying orders, or otherwise introducing some type of delay in sending out valid Best Buy Destiny beta codes. If you ordered before July 11th, you can register for a Best Buy forum account and message your details to Gaming-BBY. You’ll need to get a new account as this is not linked to your Best Buy or My BestBuy account. After that you’ll need to wait for a response that hopefully includes your Best Buy Destiny code.

Best Buy Destiny beta codes are missing for many customers.

Best Buy Destiny beta codes are missing for many customers.

If you are looking for your Best Buy Destiny beta code and you ordered after July 11th, all Best Buy knows is that you need to wait. The company representative specifically asks customers not to message Best Buy forum staff about missing Destiny beta codes.

“If you placed your pre-order 7/11/14 or later, please be aware that we are still working on sending out that batch of beta codes. Please do not message Gaming-BBY if your pre-order was placed during that time frame. If it was placed prior to 7/11/14, please follow the steps below.”

Despite promises, complaints of missing Best Buy Destiny beta codes pile up in the Best Buy Forums where Best Buy does offer hope that codes will arrive today, but avoids a promise. Matt-BBY tells angry gamers,

“Getting these codes sent today is certainly our hope. I will keep you all updated by replying to this thread as I learn more.”

If you are still waiting for your Best Buy Destiny Beta code you may want to explore other options, but at this point the outlook is not good. Amazon notes that it can take up to two days to for an Amazon Destiny beta code to arrive as well.

Matt-BBY shares another update, with no ETA.

Thank you very much for your patience while we work on getting the Destiny beta codes sent to all customers that have currently pre-ordered. For those that have had a chance to read other messages of mine, you are aware that we have not been able to send codes for pre-orders placed since 7/11/14. I know that the beta access begins tomorrow, and I am truly sorry for the delay you have experienced so far.

I have learned that this delay is due to a systems issue that is impacting our ability to send these codes. We are working to resolve this issue, but I don’t currently have an estimated time on when we will have it fixed. As soon as I learn more, I will be sure to update you here.

For those that have sent messages to our Gaming-BBY inbox, please know that we are not ignoring these messages. We are waiting to be able to send codes for all impacted pre-orders at one time and are unable to process them with another method until the systems issue is resolved. If your pre-order was placed prior to 7/11/14 and you have yet to receive your beta code, we will also need to resolve this systems issue before we can research and send a new one.

I would like to again apologize for this delay and I will continue to keep you updated as best I can.