Best Buy iPhone 5 Pre-Order Isn’t Worth It

Best Buy offers an iPhone 5 pre-order in stores for users that didn’t want to pre-order the iPhone 5 online.

I went in to my local Best Buy today to pre-order an iPhone 5 on Verizon. I want to pick one up as soon as stores open on Friday so that I can share my thoughts on GottaBeMobile.

After a few minutes of standing around, a manager was able to find someone who could help me with the pre-order process. The process of pre-ordering the iPhone 5 at Best Buy is simple enough, but about halfway through the process the Best Buy Mobile employee tells me that I shouldn’t expect a call next week.

Best Buy iPhone 5 pre-order

Best Buy iPhone 5 pre-order fails to impress.

According to the employee, Apple already told Best Buy not to expect the iPhone 5 on release date. Curious I asked for more information. He told me that best Buy might get some iPhone 5 models in on release day, but wasn’t sure that my local store would get any. At this point I already invested 15 minutes in the process, so I purchased the gift card for the iPhone 5 pre-order because I can use the gift card on anything if they don’t get any in on release day.

Based on this experience alone, I wouldn’t recommend using the best Buy iPhone 5 pre-order system, unless you really want to buy the phone at Best Buy.

It’s one thing to offer a pre-order knowing quantities are limited, but to offer it without knowing when any iPhone 5 devices will arrive is ridiculous.

But, it gets even worse.

I’m buying the iPhone 5 off-contract. It’s expensive, but I’m over that. I didn’t even bother to ask the price because Apple products are normally sold at the same price across authorized retailers, or cheaper.

iPhone 5 Best Buy

The iPhone 5 is $50 more at Best Buy.

After returning home, I discover that the iPhone 5 off contract prices on sprint are $50 above the price Apple and Verizon charge. I’m already spending $850, I’m not about to spend an extra $50 for no benefit.

I’ll be lining up outside my local Verizon on Friday and buying a iTunes Gift card with my Best Buy iPhone 5 pre-order gift card.