Best Buy iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Could Take 28 Days

Best Buy is telling some customers that it won’t be able to fulfill their iPhone 5 pre-order on release day and that it could take up to 28 days before the retailer is able to get pre-orderers the iPhone 5 model they ordered.

In an email, the retailer is telling customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 that because it’s stock is low, something the retailer told us would be the case on the iPhone 5’s release date, it won’t be able to fulfill all of the iPhone 5 pre-orders it took from last Friday on.

The company then apologizes for the wait but says that the order will likely be fulfilled faster than finding it on your own.

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Here is the complete email, courtesy of Best Buy’s Senior Vice President, Shawn Score.

bestbuyorderSo at this point, many of those who pre-ordered the iPhone 5 through Best Buy are completely out of luck and we imagine that anyone who goes into a Best Buy store today will likely walk out empty handed.

The retailer again previously informed us that stock was likely going to be non-existent today and it appears that that is the case.

Now, the long wait now begins for those that pre-ordered through Best Buy. 28 days from now, we’ll be at the end of October. Hopefully, the retailer is able to push out pre-orders long before that but at this point, given the demand for this phone, anything is possible.


On the way in 28 days.

The iPhone 5 is currently backordered at Apple, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon and orders placed today won’t arrive for weeks. And because of that, stock at retailers is going to be scarce from now until the day that Apple can get enough supply to meet demand.

The iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest iPhone and it features a 4-inch display, aluminum and glass design, iOS 6, 4G LTE speeds, and it starts at $199.99 for a 16GB model.