10 Best Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protectors

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has a big 5.7-inch Quad-HD display with curves on both sides of the screen, but that doesn’t mean screen protectors won’t work. Now that the recall is moving forward and safe phones are available, owners are looking for some of the best Galaxy Note 7 screen protectors. Below we’ve gathered a few great options for your consideration.

On September 2nd Samsung recalled the new and improved Galaxy Note 7. Select units had a faulty battery that could overheat and catch fire, or even explode. As a result every phone sold has been replaced with safe new models. It’s back on shelves and still one of the best phones available. Those who have it may want a screen protector though.

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One question we keep seeing is about the curved display, and whether or not users will still be able to use a screen protector. More importantly, if the durable glass screen protectors will even work. To answer your question, yes, yes you can use a screen protector on the Note 7 and there are multiple great options we’ll share below.

Protect that curved display

Protect that curved display

The link above details some excellent official accessories being made and sold by Samsung, and buyers can find a collection of the best Galaxy Note 7 cases right here. Once you get the phone or a replacement and some accessories, you’ll want to keep that big curved screen safe.

Before we begin it’s worth mentioning that the Galaxy Note 7 is one of the most durable smartphones on the market. Its screen may be curved but that doesn’t make it any less durable. Samsung is using the latest chemically strengthened and scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and the back.

Recent reports suggest it can scratch easier than prior models as a result of the new glass. Whether this is correct or not remains to be seen, and we’d recommend a Note 7 screen protector either way. Many users are struggling to install glass screen protectors because of this curve. If so, get a film like InvisibleShield instead.

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Screens are the first thing to get damaged or scratched from keys, pockets and other things. That’s why protectors are so popular. We’ve gathered a list of a few good choices that are available now from brands we know and trust. Or brands we’ve used in the past.

ZAGG is a great choice, but there are countless other curved screen protectors to keep the Note 7 looking new for years to come. Our recommendations can be found below, and remember the slideshow is in no particular order. Find what’s best for you and get one today.

Samsung Official Note 7 Screen Protector

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Samsung Official Note 7 Screen Protector

First up is Samsung's official Galaxy Note 7 screen protector. They haven't offered one for past Note devices, so this is a first. Right on the Samsung Accessories website they have one for buyers. It's your typical film, and will work great with the curved screen. 

Samsung claims this will protect the glass and keep it safe from damage, improves image quality in sunlight and reduces glare. Typically Samsung's official accessories are all great quality. Again, the Note 7 recall is nearly over and safe new models are readily available. Get this great phone and forget about all the crazy stores, many of which were false reports regarding the phone battery exploding.

More Details from Samsung.com (scroll down to Screen Protector)

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