Best Headphones for Sleeping

If you like to listen to music while sleeping you know all to well how annoying earbuds and headphones are while trying to sleep. After spending years putting up with uncomfortable headphones to wear at night, we discovered a collection of headphones for sleeping — including one pair that connects to your TV wirelessly.

These headphones are designed specifically to wear while you are in bed and trying to fall asleep. These are slim headphones, mostly with cords, that don’t stick into an ear to poke a user or strap around with a normal over the top headband.

There are three main designs in use, a thin headband with speakers in both sides, a wrap around design that keeps small headphones on your ears and pillow speakers that sit on or under a pillow.

Why do we need headphones for sleeping? Many of us cannot listen to music late at night with a spouse or significant other in the bedroom. Listening to music, specifically classical music, is linked to better sleep quality. There are also special sleep tracks and playlists designed to help users fall asleep faster and white noise apps that can drown out annoying noises.

Whatever your reason, these are the best headphones for sleeping. Most of these are wired, but we did find one pair of Bluetooth headphones for sleeping in. Expect to spend at least $40 for a good pair of headphones to wear in bed, with prices approaching $100 for the wireless models. Here are the best headphones for sleeping.

  1. SleepPhones
  2. SleepPhones Effortless
  3. BedPhones
  4. DIY Sleeping Headphones
  5. Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones
  6. TellyPhones Bluetooth Sleep Headphones for Your TV
  7. SoftSpeaker
  8. Pillowsonic

We’ve seen a lot of options appear on Kickstarter promising noise canceling and advanced monitoring of sleep, like the Kokoon, but we are waiting to see what the finished product is like before adding to this list.

In our experience, expect good sound, but nothing approaching audiophile quality. There will be some noise leaking out that may irritate light sleepers nearby, but with a little volume control this is remedied pretty easily.


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SleepPhones are probably the most well known headphones for sleeping, with slim speakers in a stretchable headband. This includes a cord that runs out the back to a MP3 player or smartphone.

The band is washable and is made of a soft material to stay comfortable overnight. The standard version includes a fleece-style material, but there is a new lighter material that users can select.

There are a number of upgrades available to expand the comfort and convenience of SleepPhones. Users can add a microphone and volume cord for $20. There is a wireless version of these as well. 

The headphones include a 48-inch cord and are available in a variety of colors.

$39.95 at SleepPhones 

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