Best iPad Mini Cases

As users pick up the iPad mini, they should also take a look at the best iPad mini cases around to find protection for the smaller, more portable iPad.

There are a number of excellent iPad mini cases available to order for delivery in the coming days. For the most part, the iPad mini cases are shrunken version of iPad cases.

While we will likely see more inventive iPad mini cases arrive in the coming months, it’s easy to call out the following iPad mini cases as the best, because the GottaBeMobile team used and reviewed the larger versions of many of these iPad mini cases.

Users that left the iPad case-less may want to put a case on the iPad mini. The smaller tablet is likely to go out of the house more often, increasing the chances it will fall on a hard surface or get banged against a building. This is especially true for the iPad mini with 4G LTE that ships later this month.

The back of the iPad mini is made from the same material as the iPhone 5, a phone which a number of users report scratches easier than earlier iPhones. While the iPad mini survived a drop to the corner, the SquareTrade drop test below shows how easy it is to break an iPad mini display when it lands face down.

Even an iPad mini case without a front cover, just a lip, could help prevent some of this damage.

The constantly updated list below includes iPad mini cases from our favorite iPad case makers. The GottaBeMobile team is still waiting to test these iPad mini cases, but based on the past performance, these are the best iPad mini cases available.

Users that want to go without a case, should check out our iPad warranty and insurance options. We’ll be sharing an updated list of iPad mini options with pricing, but the benefits are largely the same.

OtterBox Defender Series iPad mini Case

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OtterBox Defender Series iPad mini Case

The Otterbox iPad mini case is available as part of the OtterBox Defender Series. This means it delivers the ultimate in protection from OtterBox.

The case includes a two part design with a polycarbonate interior that clamps around the iPad mini and a flexible silicone layer on the outside to protect from drops and other accidents. The outer layer includes plugs to cover the charging port and  headphone jacks.

There is a built in screen protector that prevents screen scratches while the iPad mini is in use, and a cover that snaps on to protect the display from drops. The cover turns into a stand for watching movies or typing.

For more on this case read our OtterBox Defender Series iPad case review.

$69.99 at OtterBox


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