Best iPad mini & iPad mini Retina Cases

The iPad mini and iPad mini Retina share the same design which means there are a plethora of iPad mini cases, skins, sleeves and covers available for users to choose from.

While many users may be wary of adding any bulk to the thin iPad mini and iPad mini Retina, some users will want to keep the small tablet covered to protect it from drops and damage that a more portable tablet is prone to.

We have rugged protection options that will cover the iPad mini completely and even keep it safe underwater if you feel the need to take the iPad mini Retina to the beach, gym or hot tub.

There are also a number of minimalist iPad mini cases and covers that will keep the iPad mini Retina safe from scratches and protect the display, but won’t get in the way of you using the iPad mini by adding weight or bulk like some other cases may.

If you need to be more productive with the iPad mini, there are a collection of iPad mini keyboard cases that will make it easier to get more done while traveling with the iPad mini or iPad mini Retina.

This list of iPad mini and iPad mini Retina cases includes our favorites, and will grow with time.

iPad mini Smart Case

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iPad mini Smart Case

The iPad mini Smart Case is Apple's official case for the iPad mini models. this $69 case covers the back of the iPad mini and includes the tri-fold front protection that also folds up into a stand, like the cheaper Smart Cover.

This case is a favorite for users that like a Smart Cover style, but want some added protection from drops and scratches, but still want a pretty small footprint and enjoy Apple made accessories.

The iPad mini Smart Case is available in six color options and is made of leather.

$69 at Apple

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