Best iPhone 6s Deals: October 2016

The best iPhone 6s deals for October 2016 to help you save on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. You can currently get a $100 gift card when you buy the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 6s is now $100 less than it was at the start of September.

During the summer we hit an odd time in iPhone 6s deals, and now that fall has arrived the iPhone 6s price is $100 less and there are still some great iPhone 6s deals. Keep in mind there are already some iPhone 7 deals that you should consider.

Many deals don’t require a trade in to get the cheapest iPhone, but many of the Buy One Get One deals and switch promotions do.

The best iPhone 6s deals go head to head with deals on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC 10 and LG G5.

Unlike previous months where you had to buy an iPhone 6s with more storage to get the iPhone deals, you can save on every model in October.

There are still a lot of ways to buy the iPhone 6s on a two year contract, even as carriers switch how you will buy your next iPhone.

Here are the best iPhone 6s deals you can find.

Here are the best iPhone 6s deals you can find.

We’ll update this list of the best iPhone 6s deals in October 2016 throughout the month so you have the best shot at saving money on a new iPhone.

Since the last time you purchased an iPhone or smartphone plans changed, with a shift to paying for the phone over two years instead of getting a major up front discount, but you can still get s deal if you look around and time your purchase.

Best iPhone 6s Deals

Use the sortable table below to see where you can save with the most on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus in 2016. Some of the deals include a gift card bonus, and others may require a trade, so check out the fine print before you check out.

In October we see a lot of huge iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus deals that offer $100 off the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

If you walk in to buy a new iPhone at your current carrier you may be able to still get a free iPhone 6s, but you need to add a new line to get the free phone. Unless you need another line it is not normally worth adding just for the phone.

Target offers big iPhone 6s deals and iPhone 6s Plus deals with a $100 gift card bonuses.

iPhone 6s Deals 2016SavingsStoreDetails
iPhone 6sSwitch and get $650 credit.VerizonSwitch or upgrade to 16GB iPhone 6S and add a new line to get a free 16GB iPhone 6s
iPhone 6sSwitch and get $650 credit.AT&T, Switch to AT&T and Buy on AT&T Next and trade in . Check link for full details
iPhone 6s$100 Gift CardTarget$100 Gift card with iPhone 6s purchase in stores only.
iPhone 6s Plus$100 Gift CardTarget$100 Gift card with iPhone 6s Plus purchase in stores only.

To be eligible for any deals where you don’t switch carriers you will need to be at the end of a contract or have your phone paid off. If you switch carriers, you may find that there are options for the new carrier to pay your ETF or anything amount left due on your current phone. Confirm this in writing before you sign off and switch.

When you switch carriers you can keep your phone number and you can switch over contacts and most apps. Keep in mind that some carriers have exclusive access to content like the NFL Mobile app on Verizon that lets users stream free games, as long as they use a Verizon phone.

Check out the best iPhone 6s cases below to protect your new smartphone from your busy life.

23 Best iPhone 6s Cases

Speck CandyShell Clear iPhone 6s Case

 1 / 23
Speck CandyShell Clear iPhone 6s Case

The Speck CandyShell Clear is the first clear iPhone 6s case from Speck, and the first clear case from the company overall. This form-fitting, minimalist iPhone 6s case delivers a decent amount of protection with a military drop test 810G rating.

Speck assures us that the clear case will not yellow with use like many cheap clear case options. The clear finish is perfect for showing off your iPhone 6s color choice while protecting it.

Buttons move perfectly and are easy to find by touch and there is a raised front bezel to keep the iPhone 6s display off hard surfaces.

$34.95 at Speck

 1 / 23