10 Best LG G3 Cases

After months of waiting through rumors and international release dates the brand new LG G3 is finally here. Available now in the United States from multiple carriers, and coming to more later this week.

Now that the LG G3 release date has arrived and consumers have started to get their hands on the device, we’re seeing more and more questions regarding cases. What is the best case for you? What offers the better protection for the money, and more. There’s a lot of case options these days, especially for flagship devices like the G3 or Galaxy S5, so potential buyers will want to pick with caution.

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When it comes to choosing a case for your brand new LG G3 the options are nearly limitless. Almost all major brands have multiple options available, and more are appearing by the day. It isn’t as popular as the Galaxy S5, and its only just beginning to hit US carriers, but many outlets have an array of cases you’ll want to consumer. Below we go through a few excellent options available right now.

Popular manufacturers like Spigen, Incipio, and even Caseology have all embraced the new LG G3 and those unique rear-facing buttons, so case options won’t be an issue for those considering the smartphone. If you’re looking for a good case that won’t break the bank, or even something with wireless charging built it, we have it and more for you below.

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Before we get started on a few case options make sure you check out our full in-depth LG G3 review linked to above. The smartphone has a lot of stunning options and features, and is one of the best Android smartphones available today. It hit AT&T and Sprint last week, and will be available from T-Mobile and Verizon in the next few days. Go get it from your carrier of choice, then pick one of the 10 or so cases we’ve outlined today for superior protection.

LG G3 QuickCircle Case

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LG G3 QuickCircle Case

The first case on the list needs to be the official LG QuickCircle case with built-in QI Wireless charging. This replaces the back with a new flip-cover, one that has a nice cutout to still give the user excellent coverage and protection without missing important on-screen notifications.

It's slim, smart and customizable, and has built-in QI wireless charging. Meaning once you have a charging dock you won't ever have to plug in your LG G3 again. It is the most expensive option we'll be sharing today, and comes in at $59 from retailers or carrier stores like AT&T.com

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