14 Best Smartphone Portable Battery Chargers

With huge Quad-HD screens and powerful 8-core processors our Android smartphones and tablets are getting bigger and faster, but also draining their battery quick. This is why a portable battery or portable charger is an essential accessory we think everyone should own.

Even with Quick or turbo charging, battery life is still a big issue. We’ve been focusing on cases with batteries built-in lately, but for those who’d like to keep their Galaxy S7 thin and don’t want a case, but still want extra battery when they need it, a portable charger is the perfect solution. It will help those Pokemon GO gaming sessions last all night too.

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It’s something many smartphone or tablet owners still don’t understand, and I get asked all the time, “what is that you’re charging your phone with?” And the answer is a portable battery. Read on for our collection of some of the best portable battery chargers for smartphones or tablets, including ones with Quick Charge 2.0 or USB Type-C, so users can charge anything and everything.


A portable battery charger is exactly what it sounds like. A device usually similar in size (or slightly smaller) than a smartphone, but packed full of nothing but a big battery. These typically have USB ports to plug in the cable included with your phone to charge it at any time, and some even have the cables built-in for convenience.

A prime example is the popular Samsung Galaxy S7. It has a beautiful Quad-HD display, a powerful processor and a 3,000 mAh battery. One that can’t be removed or replaced. It still lasts pretty long and much better than the Galaxy S6, but portable chargers are still very helpful. The link below even has newer chargers that feature quick charging, for the fastest charge on the go.

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With a portable battery you simply plug your Galaxy S6, Note 7, Moto Z, LG G4, Galaxy Note 5 or any other Android device into the charger, and fill the battery back up. Some even have USB Type-C and Quick Charge now, recharging as fast as our home wall chargers. Making these amazingly necessary accessories for all smartphone owners.

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So what do I use? I usually have my Anker PowerCore+ 10,000 mAh battery ready. It comes with a case, supports quick charge and fully recharges my Galaxy S7 Edge more than twice. Enough to almost get me through an entire weekend.

Portable battery packs are getting bigger and bigger too, and with more than one charging port. I have an old Lenmar Mutant with four USB ports, but it’s way too big to be portable. Instead when I have to charge multiple devices or go on a long trip, I take out my 20,100 mAh Anker dual port charger. Do the math. That’s like 5-6 recharges for most smartphones, if not more. Basically users could recharge a phone all week with it.

With that all said, here’s a collection of some of the best portable battery chargers for Android smartphone and tablet users, but they work great for iPhone’s too. Both big and small for quick days at the office, or the weekend warrior that needs to charge multiple devices.

TYLT Energi 5K+

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TYLT Energi 5K+

TYLT is probably one of my favorite brands when it comes to portable chargers, mainly because the cables are all built into the charger. It offers 5,200 mAh of battery, which will charge any flagship smartphone completely full at least 1.5 times.

The TYLT Energi 5k+ has both a micro-USB cord for Android devices, and a Lightning cable built-in on the other side for iPhone users. This way friends or family can use it, and I can top of that old iPod Touch battery when it gets low.

Once you use the battery inside the LED indicator will turn red, and you can recharge the battery with any smartphone or tablet charger using the micro-USB port. Then, to make things even better there's a USB 2.0 port for those who's like to use their own longer 5ft cords, vs the small 4-inch built-in charging cables.

It's the best of both worlds, but not cheap. TYLT hasn't kept up with Quick Charge technology or USB Type-C, but they still have some good options.

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