6 Biggest iPhone Annoyances

The iPhone is one of the best smartphones on the market, but it’s not perfect. Here are the six biggest iPhone annoyances that Apple should fix.

One of the strangest things about Apple is that they strive for perfection, or at least want to get as close as they possibly can, and they say that the user experience is the most important thing. However, there are a handful of annoyances with the iPhone that make you wonder if Apple simply just experienced a brain fart when designing and developing the iPhone and iOS.

The iPhone has been one of the top smartphones available ever since its initial debut in 2007, and it will most likely continue to dominate the market for years to come, but it’s surprising that the device has all sorts of these little annoyances that can bug the crap out of you.

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Again, nothing is 100% perfect, and we don’t expect the iPhone to ever be completely annoyance-free, but it’s almost like Apple didn’t quite think through some of the stuff that it implemented onto its smartphone.

Here are the six biggest iPhone annoyances that you’re probably all too familiar with and would love for Apple to fix.

Mysterious "Other" Storage

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You've probably looked at what all is taking up storage space on your iPhone. You can do this by going into Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage or plug in your iPhone and open up iTunes on your computer. On the device summary page, you'll see what's taking up storage, with "Other" being a category.

Sometimes, this mysterious category doesn't take up a lot of space, but other users might see that it's taking up a few gigabytes, which can be a lot of space if you only have a 16GB iPhone.

What goes into this category, though? Well, it's usually made up of stuff that isn't the other categories. Stuff like iOS settings and data will go into "Other," as well as Safari cache, Siri cache, reminders, notes, stocks, weather data, email, text messages and iMessages.

That's great and all, but Apple doesn't have an easy way to free up all that space if you want to make more room, so sometimes you're just kinda screwed.

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