Black Friday 2014: Everything You Need to Know

Here is a fast look at everything you need to know about Black Friday 2014 and Thanksgiving day deals that start as early as 5PM on November 27th.

The Black Friday 2014 deals started early in November, but the best Black Friday deals come this week. Many of the best Black Friday deals arrive on Thanksgiving, offering big deals on lots of technology.

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You’ll find some savings extend into Black Friday and other savings even trickle out into Cyber Monday where you can do even more shopping online.

Here is a closer look at the essential information you need to know about Black Friday 2014.

Black Friday 2014 Tips

Essential Black Friday tips.

Essential Black Friday tips.

There are many deals available right now online, but many of the bigger deals won’t go live until later in the day, and you’ll see rolling Black Friday deals on Amazon throughout the day, which may last a few minutes or a few hours, depending how good the deal is.

You’ll want to use the best Black Friday app to find the deals and plan your trip.

If you plan to go to Walmart, you’ll need to read our Walmart Black Friday 2014 guide with tips that outline how the Walmart Black Friday experience works. There are some catches to the Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee that you need to know before you go to the store.

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Make sure you check the Black Friday 2014 store hours to make sure you get to the store on time.

As for the basics. Wear layers, plan to get there hours early if you are going to a store and bring water, snacks and maybe even a chair. Check to see if there are wristbands and make sure you get in the right lines.

Best Black Friday 2014 Deals

Get ready for big deals in the Walmart Black Friday 2014 ad.

Check out these best Black Friday 2014 deals.

Here is a rundown of the absolute best Black Friday 2014 deals. We’ve broken this down by category so you can click on the link and you’ll find the best deals in that category.

You can check out these articles to learn which stores offer the best deals and sales and when you can look for them online and in store.

Keep in mind that many of the biggest deals are in stores only, or very limited online so you may have to head to the store if you want to score the biggest deals.

You can check out the Best Walmart Black Friday 2014 deals in the slides below, which outline the most impressive deals we could find at Walmart.

Best Walmart Black Friday Deals

65" Vizio HDTV for $648

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HDTVs are one of the biggest products (figuratively and literally) that are always on sale during every Black Friday, and you can usually find a ton of them on the front pages of almost every ad circular. While many of the televisions on sale aren’t top-of-the-line models, you can usually find them discounted to ridiculously-low prices, like a 65-inch Vizio HDTV for $648.

The 65-inch Vizio HDTV is one of Walmart's biggest deals, and the store says you’ll save $350 off of the normal price. However, even though it’s a Vizio, every name-brand company has different model lineups, some of which are lower quality. With Vizio, the D series of televisions are on the low end, and this one discounted at Walmart is a D-series TV.

Still, that shouldn't stop you from taking advantage of such a deal, especially if you've been looking for a larger television for the living room.

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