BlackBerry Z10 Name Rumored for BlackBerry 10 L-Series

RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 smartphone might finally have a name as the device, which was previously called the BlackBerry 10 L-Series, leaked out today in an image that proclaims the name to be the BlackBerry Z10.

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UnwiredView unearthed what appears to be an advertisement for RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series smartphone though the device is not called the L-Series in the image. Instead, the device is referred to as “the new BlackBerry Z10,” a name that could very well end up being the device’s retail name once RIM announces it next year, likely on January 20th.

The ad also depicts the device in two color variants, one in black and one in white, which could mean that RIM is going to offer up two color schemes once the device lands on shelves.


The BlackBerry L-Series could be called BlackBerry Z10.

So, it appears that the device may ditch BlackBerry’s typical four digit naming scheme which it has used with many of its past releases. While the BlackBerry L-Series is expected to feature a virtual keyboard, RIM is also expected to launch a BlackBerry 10 smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard though the name of that device is not yet known. Rumors suggest that it could be called the BlackBerry X10.

This is not the first time that the BlackBerry Z10 has leaked out though it did so under the name L-Series. The device recently showed up in some detailed photos and more recently, emerged on video.

The video of the BlackBerry Z10 shows that the device will have a removable back so that users can easily replace their battery as well as a microSD card slot for expanded storage. What the video does not show off is the new BlackBerry 10 operating system which will be the centerpiece of RIM’s January 20th announcement.

BlackBerry 10 is RIM’s brand new operating system and it will be replacing BlackBerry 7 as the company’s current mobile software. RIM already showed off the software to developers though it will use the January 20th event to showcase the software to the public. It’s unclear as to exactly how soon after that the devices will emerge onto shelves in the United States.

At the very least, wireless carriers T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless have both confirmed they will be carrying devices based on RIM’s new platform though neither has confirmed any firm details.