BlueTooth Voice Control Coming to iPhone?

That was quick. Apple seeded a beta of its iPhone 3.1 OS SDK to developers yesterday and as usual folks are looking under the hood to see what’s up. The big news, if true, is that it looks like the much ballyhooed, but not really working well feature, Voice Control, will work via BlueTooth. (More catch up.) There are other additions as well that folks are uncovering including non-destructive video editing (the current edition doesn’t save your original if you do editing), faster boot times, and some changes to the APIs that all 3rd party apps to access video, and some are reporting that there is an updated AT&T profile that enables MMS.

We’ve heard issues about overheating batteries and other problems, so I’m guessing some of that might be addressed as well. I’m wondering if Apple is feeling some pressure to get updates out quicker, given that Palm Pre customers are able to see updates over the air.