Boogie Board Rip: The Simplest Tablet w/ Ink at IFA 2011

The Boogie Board Rip doesn’t have apps, a media player, a color display, Wi-Fi  or even a web browser, but you can ink on it. The only issue is you can’t do anything else with it. It’s really just a flat black gadget that can replace a pad of paper in your kitchen.

The Boogie Board Rip is the latest generation of the gadget that’s sold in tech novelty shops such as Brookstone. The previous Boogie Board had a single button on its face that erased the writing and scribbles. The Boogie Board Rip has an additional button that saves whatever is on the screen. Drawings and notes can then be transferred to a PC via a USB port on the side of the device.

The CEO of Improv, the company behind the Boogie Board Rip, demonstrates the device in the above video.

The Boogie Board Rip will be available in time for the holidays for about $110. That’s a pretty steep price for a gadget that’s sole use is jotting down grocery lists or reminders for the family.

I wouldn’t buy one of these things, but I do think it’d be a good seller if  Improv would put a green spin on the Boogie Board Rip. There are plenty of people in my hometown of San Francisco that would snap Boogie Board Rips if they thought it’d save the planet.