Browser Comparison: iPhone 4, myTouch 4G, & HTC HD7

This is a less than scientific browser test over WiFi using the iPhone 4, myTouch 4G, and the HTC HD7. We have 3 devices and 3 operating systems. Who will win? Before you watch the video, the phones brightness settings were set to auto. I noticed after the video that the iPhone 4’s screen was way less bright than the others. I should have set them all to max so we could get a fair screen comparison too. I guess I will have to do another video for to do that now. :)

It seems that the iPhone 4 outdid the others on some tries and the myTouch 4G won one too. The thing I really don’t like about the myTouch 4G’s browser is the way it zooms in on the page. I like how Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone display a fresh webpage. I can zoom in where I want from a zoomed out view. Maybe this is able to be changed via settings, I will check into that.