Brrrrr! Take Care of Your Gadgets in a Cold Spell

medium_freezingMuch of the US is experiencing severe cold weather with highs in some areas not even reaching zero degrees Fahrenheit. I would imagine that most folks are smart enough to dress appropriately and keep themselves warm, but what about your gadgets? Are you taking care of them?

Extreme cold, like extreme heat, is not a a friend of electronics. Unless all of your devices conform to the rugged specifications you could experience problems if you have to leave your gadgets in a car for a period of time. Or, if you have to be out in the cold weather yourself for long periods. Extreme cold can affect everything from your batteries, to moving components, to the plastic or metal cases. If your gear is exposed to extreme cold, make sure you allow them to warm back up to room temperature before putting them to use once you’re back inside.

Oh, and also watch out for static electricity in extreme cold weather. Colder, dry air is the perfect climate for that shocking touch when you go to touch a gadget.

So, while you’re bundling up, make sure you take a second to think about your gadgets when you’re out and about.