Can’t get enough of my MiFi

SlingPlayer_iPhoneI’d planned on catching up on some work while watching football today, but my wife had other plans. She scheduled brunch with a couple of our friends during the 49ers vs Colts game. I fired up my MiFi and launched Slingplayer on my iPhone so I could steal quick looks at the game. I went to Peet’s Coffee while she went to go meet a couple of here girlfriends. I watched the Green Bay vs. Minnesota game while I caught up on some work on my HP Envy 13. 

I absolutely love the Novatel MiFi card because it just works and helps me get a lot more value out of my Sprint subscription and my iPhone. Right now I’m waiting in my car and am still working away and watching football thanks to my MiFi.

There are certainly some benefits to using built-in 3G modems, but I can’t imagine ever using a modem that plugs into a USB port ever again. The MiFi is still my favorite gadget purchase of the year.